Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has entered Gemini, where it’ll remain until June 22 due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde that will start at the end of the month. Scorpio, your sector of depth, merging and outside resources is activated by this transit. Wealth-building and creating or deepening intentional collaborations is likely to be on your mind for the next month and a half. This is a good time to get your life insurance in order, organize your financial affairs, create a will for when you die (lol Scorpios aren’t afraid to admit that we’re all going to die, so it’s best to prepare for it so that those we love still feel our presence after we pass), and make sure to invest in your emergency fund or a savings account that you hardly ever touch. It’s time to put on our adulting hat and roll up our sleeves and get the job done. During this transit, you’ll be assessing the people in your life that you can truly count on, and keeping them a bit closer while making sure they know how much they mean to you. Get ready for a spiritual, intellectual, financial and psychological glow-up.