Today our ruler Mars, which is currently placed in Gemini, forms a frictional planetary alignment with Neptune in Pisces. We may be driven by some compulsive desires that we can’t fully comprehend, Scorpio. This influence can lead to us making decisions that our rational minds wouldn’t usually encourage us to do. You may feel called to text your ex, be petty with a friend or family member, or engage in a situationship that you know you’re better off releasing. Perhaps you’ll find yourself doing the opposite of what you’re “supposed” to be doing, and the more you try to get yourself on track, the further you derail. What if instead of being hard on yourself for these temporary miscalculations or lapses of judgement, you started laughing at yourself a bit more and cutting yourself some slack? If you’re always focused on self-improvement and you never give yourself room to experiment with messiness, then life gets pretty boring. We’re in the dark of the moon period, which is the time where we’re supposed to let our shadows take the lead. So do what you feel you gotta do (as long as you’re not harming yourself or others). Get it out of your system now, because deep down you know that once the New Moon strikes this Sunday, you’re about to press “restart” on everything, and your spiritual and physical glow-up will be spectacular.