Scorpio, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, spends its final day in the sign of Pisces today. Even if your professional and creative endeavors have been a priority for you these past few weeks, you’ve also been thinking of romance, intimacy, and soulful merging under Mercury’s deeply sensitive and sensual transit. Today those vibes may be at an all-time high as Mercury encourages you to have faith that no matter what you may have once experienced, you can cultivate the type(s) of bond(s) that feel emotionally nourishing, spiritually fulfilling, and physically gratifying. If you’re already in one or more of those connections, you’re encouraged to let your lover(s) know how much they mean to you today. And if you’re not necessarily looking for it, know that the Universe is manifesting it for you, because it’s what you deserve. Pour love into yourself even more than usual today.