The Moon’s entered Sagittarius for the next 2 days, and this can help boost our moods in significant ways, Scorpio. Whatever you’ve been overthinking lately isn’t worth the mental hassle or anxiety, and today’s astrological alignments encourage you to play more, laugh more, flirt more, and find some way to invite more adventure and spontaneity into your life. Whether you decide to book a staycation at a boutique hotel, or go take a walk in a nearby forest, your spirit is calling for deeper self-care and expansion. Move and stretch your body if you start feeling restless, or call up a friend for a long overdue catch up. While you may still be feeling the intensity of the recent Scorpio Moon, it’s important for you to give yourself room to feel and experience a more liberating lifestyle, where you take everything moment by moment and trust in the magic that is to come.