On the surface, you’re a tough, impenetrable, warrior. But deep down, you want to be seen as more than the strong Scorpio who can hold it down for everyone and everything. Today’s Leo Moon makes intense planetary aspects to Saturn and Uranus before harmonizing with Mars later today, and this can lead to you re-evaluating so much of what you thought you wanted, even compared to a few weeks ago. Mars being in Gemini until April 23 is highlighting the need to be more flexible in your life decisions, Scorpio. While a part of you may want to do a dramatic overhaul of everything you’re used to, another part of you is seeking simplicity and ease, and you’re ready to make strategic decisions that will help slow down the pace of your life. Let yourself be filled with changing thoughts, emotions and vibes, Scorpio. Allow yourself to not always have it together. Trust that the Universe knows where it’s leading you, and why.