Scorpio, today is a monumental day. We’ve made it to the Age of Aquarius. It technically began on December 21st, 2012, but now we’re immersing ourselves in it. The Age of Aquarius is a period of time when humanity becomes less focused on their own self and individual needs, and more aware of how we’re interconnected. It’s an age of digital, spiritual, and mental expansion — and it takes an awareness of our emotional nature to really allow this expansion to occur. With Saturn, the Teacher Planet, now in Aquarius until March 2023, Scorpios will have to learn how to emotionally detach from our need to know what’s next, or our desires to control what’s next. We’ll have to accept life’s twists and turns, and even jump into the whirlwind instead of resisting it. Your mentality and perspective on life will change quite a bit during this transit, Scorpio, and you may already feel yourself needing more time alone to process this tremendous evolution. Make taking care of yourself and those you view as your divine family your utmost priority.