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Scorpio & Leo

Scorpio and Leo are extremely passionate, sensual, and devoted individuals. Leo is a Fire sign, and when combined with Scorpio’s intense and emotional Waters, this duo often finds themselves the center of attention, leading the pack with their confidence and power. The attraction that Leo and Scorpio feels is undeniable. They are magnetically tied to one another, even though their relationship can sometimes vacillate between hate and love.

Leo and Scorpio are likely to have an explosive and passionate relationship, physically, mentally, and spiritually. They both can be very competitive and sometimes even aggressive with one another. They like to challenge each other, for better or for worse. These two are attracted to each other like magnets, and there can be an obsessive and addicting quality to their attraction and overall relationship.

One of the most positive aspects of this compatibility is that neither sign will ever be bored with each other. They know each other’s ins and outs, and although Scorpio may sometimes get frustrated with Leo’s impulsive or egoistical antics, Scorpio is also highly intrigued and fascinated by them. Leo can be the ultimate force in Scorpio’s eyes. Strong, confident, capable, proud and respectful. When deeply attached, Leo treats Scorpio like royalty and makes them feel incredible. This makes it easy for Scorpio to return the devotion and respect Leo’s way. Leo appreciates how intensely loyal and devoted Scorpio is, for they find that to be a very rare trait.

Scorpio is prone to getting jealous and overly possessive. Leo can be equally possessive, but tends to have an even bigger ego than Scorpio, so they will not always admit what they view as their less attractive feelings openly. Leo being a Fire sign, has impulsive and quickly passive emotions. Leo can live in a self-centered universe and expect their needs to be attended to first. In order to maintain harmony in their relationship with Scorpio, Leo must practice empathy and be less judgmental of Scorpio’s complex or changing moods.

Both Leo and Scorpio want to have the upper hand in the relationship by making it appear as though they care less than they actually do. There may therefore be many power struggles and ego conflicts in this partnership. These two should take extra care to not play games in love, for Scorpio takes romance very seriously and Leo does not tolerate any disrespect. Rather than focusing on who is right, these two should focus on how to love and treat each other right, and everything else will into place. A Scorpio-Leo relationship is hit or miss, depending on whether both signs choose to make the emphasis of their pairing love, or war.

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All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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    1. I am a leo woman and my boyfriend is Scorpio. Things about my Scorp that are absolutely true: he has eyes that stare into my soul and it’s mesmerizing. He wanted to make sure I had a good soul and he is intuitive enough to see that truth in me. He doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does he is deeply committed. Mine is introverted, enigmatic, and highly independent. He is charming, seductive, and sensual. He loves to romance me. He is ambitious. He likes some privacy and secrecy, but just little things he likes to keep to himself and it’s harmless. He will react to flippant comments because he is sensitive, so I try to not say things I don’t don’t mean sincerely. He is not vindictive, but will punish me by being even more reclusive until he’s decided that he is ready to forgive me. Some of the typical leo traits for me exhibit themselves on a calmer level, I don’t need to control everything. I don’t mind if he is in control of where we go out together on dates. As long as I give him his alone time and let him come to me when he is ready he doesn’t get moody (this is hard for a leo but I explained to him that I allow this out of respect for his needs and not because I am at his beck and call). Don’t expect attention during his “off” moments, he’s decompressing and it’s not a good time to fish for compliments. I get attention elsewhere by taking advantage of the opportunity to be a social butterfly and enjoy my freedom. I do enjoy suffocating attention and affection, but when he withholds I don’t miss it at all because he brings it full force when he is ready. He expresses attention in the form of behavior that reminds me that he thinks of our love as a deep emotional bond and connection. I do have to facilitate communication when there is a breakdown, but he is more than receptive to working out misunderstandings. I have an aura of mystery about me with a story that involves some secretive and well as what could be perceived to be cosmic aspects of a personal nature. He loves that this makes me mysterious to him. He saw me as a prize and I made him work a bit for it. I never played hard to get, but I made him contact me most of the time initially. Let this man go unless you are in love and want to keep him forever. He did pull back and play games a little bit at first. It was hard to get past my pride on that because I perceive it to be disrespectful and behavior that demonstrates weak character. I didn’t play them back, but I did call him out on it. If you let the games slide it will set the precedent for your relationship and it’s too hurtful for your pride to let it continue. Either give him space or call him out, do not act desperate and needy. I think they do this when they feel insecure about the relationship, so reprimand him kindly. When I’ve sensed dark energy creeping from him (again due to insecurity) I let my leo warmth and lightheartedness shine in these situations. I don’t allow negative energy like that to enter my relationship with him so we avoid that volatility. If we were to ever get married the finances would have to be seperate, but we would both prefer it that way anyway. When we challenge each other we do it playfully and it spills over into the bedroom. A little friction keeps things entertaining and our relationship is never boring. I wouldn’t trade him for another sign that is traditionally more compatible with mine. It wouldn’t surprise me if my chart had some water aspects and his had some fire aspects which naturally make it easier for us to find common ground. Don’t lose your identity in this relationship, but do be open minded and accepting. Keep in mind that Scorpio is a challenging sign for anyone to interpret. I wouldn’t change my leo/scorpio relationship. I love his passion and sensuality. The sex is worth it too.

      1. Let me first off and say that I am a Scorpio and I am connected to a Leo woman and everything said to describe how to handle a Scorpio man is absolutely correct. To be perfectly honest, I have dated and been involved with many different relationships and have had the honor to be connected and involved with a Leo woman and your opinions to how to handle the characteristics should be inserted in the Scorpio mans constitution! The only thing I can add to this mind blowing process of dating and understanding your opposite, is that it is a constant must ladies and gents, that a Scorpio needs the affirmation from you that he/she is the one and only. If you have a connection, signs are pointing that he is a keeper, than it is a must that he knows that he is “the guy.” It needs to be constant, without being to overlly mushy and vulnerable, but with grace and transparency. Then and only then will you truly see what that Scorpio would be willing to do for you and the relationship. The loyalty and the passion are built on that trust that he needs to know and not just feel. Without trust knowing that he is the one and only, you’ll never truly get abundance of love from him. It’s not easy to expose yourself like that however I can promise you that when you do, it’s worth to take a leap of faith with a Scorpio. It’ll take all the elements of what matters in the relationship to any other level you can imagine. The only thing is, you better mean it, because there’s also nothing worse than lying to a Scorpio man. Especially when it comes to trust and love!

        1. I am a Scorpio gal currently crushing on a Leo guy for a few weeks now. We have the same position in an organisation so work together. Recently at a get together I wrote him a ‘friendship’ letter. He was really touched and got very emotional. He is too good to be true & I really like him so much!

      2. This is yhe truest thing I have ever read since I became aware of the signs. I’m a Leo man married to a Scorpio lady and I have to admit, the connection was divine. The moment I looked into her eyes I knew the connection was far greater than my very own existence. We had a rough start but like I said wea are happily married and I can’t imagine anyone else will complete me this way.

        1. amen brother. not gonna say i “needed” this because, as i’m sure you know, im a sopping wet lil kitten for her by now, even through month-stretches of silence and not knowing her face for over 3 years, enduring rants about her exes, random “talk dirty to me” texts at 3 am on a Tuesday in November…etc.. but she never told me to move on, i’ve straight asked on multiple occasions and fairly punctual with monthly reminders in the form of songs/poems/cheesy shit (appealing to her Leo Ascendant? my excuse; in reality its a compulsion i wouldn’t resist if i wanted to.) it’s a mutual journey as long as i still feel her i couldn’t give up if i tried..not a material or conceptual thing in this world i would prefer over making her breakfast every day, or doing whatever the hell she wants to do. internet sure wants us to think it’s impossible, but shit that’s fuel for the fire baby?to say i’ve changed from this experience isn’t a statement at all; literally everything, the gratitude i have, unconditional love no matter where she goes or what she does..well it’s enough to make me write a short story in response to a comment on an article i barely skimmed because this dance is only and barely understood from experience.(no disrespect to the author, im partial to personal experiences that foreshadow my desired future for obvious reasons.) to know that it’s possible, and not just the stereotypical match, but in that way beyond time and space; primordial..clean windshield. almost home. thanks dude. peace?

          1. whoever read this and sent the vibes…same day random text with more heart than she’s ever let me see in 3D.. i see you, love you, thank you. today alone could keep me going for life; but time to get outta the future and be here with her now. ?❤️

          2. This was my scorpio for a while with me, then other influences got in the way….. He still loves me I know he has asked for “time” but not a break up we are just not speaking everyday and I can do that, but I am not going to wait for long. We had a huge argument and we are living separate now.

      3. Thank you. I needed this. I’m a Leo woman with a Scorpio man and you’ve answered a lot of self-repressing questions I had. You’re very well spoken and hope everything works out perfectly between you two.

    2. Im a scorpio woman and me and this guy who is leo have had our up and downs exactly because of this. We also both have very different agreements. But when i look at him he is so beautiful but his temper is something i hate…but i have one too. He dosent judge me in any way he thinks im perfect no matter how much i put myself down and he cares about me.

    3. Five years of fatal romance and pain and games. Back and forth. Hurtful words, heartache, suicide attempts and sexual affairs. Never a true romance, until now. We have a baby. But, my Scorpio pride craves more romantic things. His angry, Leo pride keeps us from achieving that. I’ve never lied though or played with his feelings. I admit my games were sexual and physical. His were emotional and verbal. I’ve never been so full of hate, or love. My passion sets fire to us and burns- his stubborn heart soothes and cools us down. We are parrallel, yet we are one. Yin and yang. I love him, but damn I hate who we can be.

  1. I’m currently falling hard for a Leo! It is one passionate, intense connection we share on many levels and his regality is quite admirable…he keeps me smiling!!

  2. I’ve been in love with a Leo for 6 Years. We have been on and off the whole time but this helps me out some into perspective. I am on the ride of my life with a wonderful Leo man

  3. Wow! This is spot on!! I can’t say i am in love with a Leo, too many things have gotten in the way for it to have ever transpired to love, but i can tell you this… i have a hard time staying away, it’s like an addiction!! I can see love wants to be there, and i suppose we love one another to an extent but we drive one another nuts! And the sex.. oh my god!! the sex is amazing!!!!!

  4. I’m a scorpio woman thts is truly in love with my leo man he is very kind sweet and generous it’s nothing he would not do for me but he can be very bossy egoistic at times….but overall I love me some him…..the sex is soooo yummy !!!!!!!

  5. I’m currently crushing on a Leo. He’s as close to perfect as it gets so maybe he’ll read this over and over and see that we could be perfect for each other and challenge one another or miss our chance. ♥ Its up to you bc I know you’re reading this.

  6. I have been crushing on a Scorpio woman for the past three years. I feel a karmic connection with her that words will never describe. I feel a need for her in my life like the air I breathe. She is exactly everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman, and more.

    If she accepts me into her life, I promise to offer her a love that she has never experienced before.

    I hope she feels the same about me. It’s about giving each other mutual permission in creating space for that love to blossom into something wonderful.

  7. He drives me crazy.. Hopefully after reading this I can try to deal with it.. I’m not sure if I’m lusting for him or if I really Love him. I know one thing, I CAN’T STAND HIM!!!!!

    I’m a Scorpio!!!
    I don’t like that he think he is the boss when clearly I am. Tuhhhh..


    Thanks for this though.
    I will look for updates.. Saving this site.

  8. He drives me crazy.. Hopefully after reading this I can try to deal with it.. I’m not sure if I’m lusting for him or if I really Love him. I know one thing, I CAN’T STAND HIM!!!!!

    I’m a Scorpio!!!
    I don’t like that he think he is the boss when clearly I am. Tuhhhh..


    Thanks for this though.
    I will look for updates.. Saving this site.

  9. This is dead on!!! I’m a lady Leo in love with my Scorpio man for 26 years and we finally got serious two years ago. Long Story… I have never experienced or even heard of a love so intense. Everything we do together is to the extreme. The bond and the connection between us, is amazing. The sex is phenomenal and pretty constant!!!!!!!!! When we’re not having sex, were fighting. All the times in between were laughing, playing, and having a blast together. We would seriously have a #1 Comedy sitcom if we wrote out our lives together. No matter how bad or how hard we fight, we are still crazy for eachother and can not live without eachother. I feel very lucky to have such an consistant, intense, crazy ass sexual/Love romance in my life. We are both so crazy, head over heals in love. Even though He can be such a dick at times!! Lol!

  10. I’ve known my Scorp for almost 5 years. we have been in a relationship for 5 months and it has always been rocky until 2 months ago due to him still being married and to me, the confusion on how he felt about his soon to be ex..this month of course..I knew he was my soul mate the second time we had was a wrap like Reynolds, lol..we had this long affair, I’ve dated another person (Taurus) because i wanted my own man/husband and he couldn’t let me go and he left his wife.We have struggled with what he wanted and where he wanted to be. Like I told him time waits for no one so man up or stand down and allow me to move on and be happy. “with me” he said, so it’s wonderful. When John Legend came out with Tonight’s the Night, he named it our song because it’s soooo true, if a man can turn and ask you why is our sex so amazing.what is understood should not be explained. you’ve found your mate because at that point no more convincing is needed. Scorps please and always RESPECT the leo mutually..she is the QUEEN, loyalty is their noblest trait.You should not boss her or control her but we secretly love the possessiveness!! Our bond is so great we say what’s on each other minds at times we know each other so well..Also try not to be too secretive it brings on suspicion and causes conflict which is not healthy and then the trust issues come about.Every leo/scrop may not make it but i had him read up because it helps to know and be able to relate to some or all of what we see with others relationship since we all seem to be having the same kind lmao… He is a freak and he brings that out in me, just plan nasty and i love it, because he demonstrates it alll to me,he said when he moved in that he wanted to a make love to me every day, the chemistry is off the charts. the best I’ve ever had..tht’s the bond we both need, that sexual bond and with that everything else will come easy, we want to work it out we want to be together, it’s a beautiful thing when we’re not arguing and that has cut down tremendously, I purr for him not knowing until he brings it up i blush because it’s true, he brings that out and he’s the only one that can. Good luck to you all and if in doubt scorps if she is calling txtn etc..she wants you because we don’t waste our time on nonsense we can have who we want remember that, and leos they can don’t compete to fit in just get in.

  11. *sigh* Where do I even begin with this?
    I have been in love with my Scorpio man for 3 years now. This has been the more intense – emotionally, physically, and spiritually – ride I have been on. He drives me crazy, but what is amazing isn’t always easy.

    I have learn to love the sides to him that he is afraid to show. A man who has the softest hard and the hardest shell. A little poke at him, he may break into pieces. Sensitive with a passionate drive. Water signs and fire signs are passionate, but in our own ways. Patience and communication is what will make this duo work. It is all about balance. If both parties can work it out, this will be an AMAZING and powerful couple. In a sense, nothing can break us.

    Much love.

  12. Hmm very interesting, accurate as well. I’m a scorpio woman and he is a leo male. There has been an indescribable attraction since day 1. Let me tell you, the sex is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. That is where our relationship started. First time we hung out it ended up heated in the bedroom. Neither of us were really looking for a relationship with each other though in the beginning. He would always invite me to do things but I would lie or bail last minute because I just wasn’t looking for that. But one day I agreed to see him again after we met, and since then I can not stay away. We started off by hanging out often and always hooking up in the end. We were basically friends with benefits who enjoyed going on dates– but not dating. I caught feelings for him and was sick of not being something more with him after we had been seeing each other for months. I told him we need to cut things off or I can stay for the long run. He decided to cut things off. Broke my heart. It did not take him long to come crawling back to me though, and I had been anxiously anticipating his return. Now we have been officially together for a year (our relationship is still quite young). Our relationship has consisted of dramatic highs and lows. And the constant “we shouldn’t be together” thrown in every fight. But we just can’t stay away from each other… He has been very disloyal to me (when he was not in love with me but I was in love with him), which I normally do not tolerate, but I just can’t say no to him. Our relationship is finally getting better and he tells me there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me– and it’s true now. But I’ve put up a wall and been on edge with him as of lately, I’m just hoping he means what he tells me. We do often have disputes because of our clashing opinions about what is the “right” thing to be doing in our relationship. We are so deeply in love when times are well. My leo has taught me so much about life and shown me so many new experiences. We love to adventure together, he is my tour guide. We stay up all night together laughing and telling stories. My favorite place in the world is in his arms… I love him to death and I can not see myself parting from him even though I believe that I should sometimes. Our relationship is still very fresh but I’ve never ever ever been so in love and obsessively attached to anyone else. My best advice to any other scorpio leo couples is to not explode in anger and throw out assumptions (even though they are probably right if you are a scorpio ;D ). Scorpios are a pool of emotion at times and leo does not tolerate that being thrown at him when it is over him. I’ve learned to calmly tell him that I feel hurt because of something he has done and he will be honest with you and try to work with your demands. If you yell, call him terrible things, or accuse him; he will become very defensive and a large fight will bloom. Be open, honest and calm when expressing feelings, don’t ever hold things in. Best of luck!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hello there thrilling ride !! I read what u wrote to the very end its so warm and i wish u the best with ur lover ! I hope u get mine ❤..i have a crush on my cousin and discovered he is a leo ! Am a scorpio 28y woman and he is 26 !! We used to play and pick out on each other when ever he is around ! As he lives in another country ! Once he came back this may for my uncle funeral i asked him to stay the night at my grandmother’s house ! As i shared some laughter and short stories with him and felt he enjoyed being around me as much as i did ! Next morning got him new tooth brush and lacoste perfume from my brothers closet as he hadn’t carried his things with him !! He smiled and called me “u r sweet like honey” ! Was very happy and felt so fresh ! Next day couldn’t spend time around him ! But the day after oooh my ” i am staying the night granny ” was the sweetest thing i ever heard from him ! So i rushed to my mom telling her am staying at granny’s house too !! The feeling of the rush went all through my body and i was thrilled to my very deep bones ! Both grannies sleeping along with an uncle in the house ! Am at a separate room and he is sleeping in the salon ! God i don’t have an excuse to wake him up but running out of cigarettes ! I sneaked out threw his pack under the table watched him sleeping for tow minutes the woke him up when he turned his side ! I asked him to give me some as i couldn’t find it and i could’t as sleep as well ,,he woke up and went washed his face ! Sat next to me while am extremely nervous ! Kept whispering and smiling flirting lightly ,, but never kissed ! Was sooo extra cautious for other family members ! Travelled and left me with this huge question mark wither he likes me as much as i do or what ! He sends me but doesn’t talk much ! His perfume turned out to be lacoste and he was blown out by my choice ! I told him i like him ! Just like that and that i felt safe to him ! N i don’t send him much unless he sends asking what r u doing ? N stuff ! I am yearning for his attention ! Or any kind of sexy flirtatious talk ! But holding my peace so he won’t think am disparate!!….If u have any advice at all would be great ..

    2. Woah reading your comment was as if if written parts of these myself. I am a Scorpio girl and he is a Leo guy, we used to hangout all the time and date, sex with him was soothing and riveting he would leave me shaking and rolled up we could go for hours, and it felt like we were making love not just fucking, he said I was very sensual. We ended the same way where I said the same we could stop dating or we could move onto the official relationship step, however knowing he had just gotten out of an engamenet w his ex gf of like 3 years or so I knew jumping into another relationship was not a good idea. I knew getting to know him would be a bad idea from the beginning bc even when we were just platonic friends I felt an attraction to his personality that I backed off before it developed bc I knew he was off limits. We never hook up until some months after he and that exgf had split. After me and him dated he went back to her and then they broke up again. I knew he needed to date and it sucked ass to see him date other girls but I knew he needed to experience that, since he hasn’t really. I haven’t seen him in over a year since the day we ended dating but I still think of him and have feelings for him, we’ve talked here and there and he still makes me flutter with excitement. I dream of him every so often it makes me miss him. Last we spoke we reminisced on something funny that happened and ended talking before bed w him saying it was nice talking and we should do it again over coffee or something. I tried to remain calm cool and collected but I really would like to see him again though I’ll probably be a bit nervous to see him again. I wasn’t initially attracted to him physically but his personality is so sweet and charming I am drawn to him. It’s felt as if we have an orbit that neither of us really implement drifts too far away from each other. The strangest craziest thing was when a psychic approached me and on the subject of love said his name. I was shocked. Though things didn’t work out with us the first time I still feel there is unfinished business between us and I don’t regret Getting to know him bc even if short lived his company was mine for a time and I really enjoyed being in his arms as well, as his conversations. I have such a distinctive care for him.

    3. Hi i just read what u wrote maybe u see this and maybe not. Iam a scorpio women and he is Leo. Your story is exactly like mine. We’re not in a relationship but we have been seeing eachother for months now. Hanging out and always ended up with sex. The sex is freaking amazing. Its not that he is good in bed but the passion and everything else that comes with it is GOOOOD. I’ve been telling him about how he’s hurting me and everytime i do that he feels sad cuz he dont want that. But i dont think he is ready for a relationship. And everytime i “break” things up with him cuz i dont tolerate when someone treats me that way. (Or more likely lie to me). He calls back afyer some week and orc i cant say and then its the same shit again. The only thing that keeps me wanna meet him is how he is. I see his soul not him and im very attached to it. Thats why i cant stand to say no to him. But now i kind of ended it with him told him that i cant take it anymore. As a scorpio i have alot of pride especially when it comes to dating. After him i only seek leos cuz i want that passion. How did u get to him is the question how did he let u in?

      1. I hope you read this in time. Dating or acquiring a Leo whether be make or female shouldn’t be the goal. However in attracting a Leo you must know that distance and lack of attention is key. As a Scorpio we are very skilled in bating our pray; Leo’s seek attention so to attract them you must not feed into the hype. If your attempts to get you Leo into a relationship is rejected as my was, you must respect that they’re just not ready. Cut communication because if not all you will become is a sexual partner; it maybe sometime or never but if the person wants to be with you truly they’ll come back when they’re ready. Attracting a Leo is only half the battle keeping the relationship going is an uphill climb.

        1. Hello, I’m a Leo woman in a relationship…(I think) with a Scorpio guy. I knew that you guys distance yourselves on purpose! But you should know you’re not fooling anyone. Leo’s are not stupid, we tend to know when you’re manipulating us. We let you, because it makes us feel like we’re ahead, and you need to manipulate us just like we need your attention. However if you deny a Leo the attention they crave they won’t put up with that BS, and there will be some very dark storms in the future for you both.

          1. I am a leo women who has been “talking” to a Scorpio man for a little over a year now. He lives two hours away, but a little distance hasn’t stopped me from pursuing him.Im usually not the type to chase after a guy, but idk what it is about him. Im just drawn to him!!! Some days he gives me consistency other days he like goes ghost. He works at a hotel so I guess his work hours are crazy. When he does call me or calls me back I just feel so happy. Talking to him and getting to know him I feel attached. After we finally met never felt happy the connection was there and had amazinggg sex I knew I MIGHT of fell in love . Scorpios men have this look in their eyes that make you feel some type of way. In person he’s very affectionate like at first I thought it was too much but YOU KNOW US leos like attention but not to too much attention. I was kind of shook from how clingy he was being but I guess he was so happy to finally see me. I wish he should that much affection when we are apart from each other. I don’t get why Scorpios are so secretive also but I guess when he realizes I AM THE ONE lol he will maybe open up to me. All I really want is consistency from him..He even asked me when am I moving out there ? So I took that as he must be feeling me. VERY CONFUSING I guess everything will fall into place if it’s meant to be!

    4. Wow. First off. I am amazed after reading several of these posts of how many people are going through similar situations. I now feel like I am not the only one and that I’m not crazy for feeling the way that I feel. I’ve been going through the same situations with my Leo male. And believe me I have made all the mistakes on my part in dealing with my feelings over the years. We have known each other for 11 years now, since college. But through those mistakes we have both grown to understand each other very well and can pick up on each other’s moods very easily. Though we both have a strong spiritual, mental and sexual attraction to each other we have our moments where we annoy the hell out of each other. During those times we tend to ignore each other or blow up at each other but neither one of us end up breaking it off totally. Every time we try to we end up forgiving the other for the wrong doing and get back in each other’s good graces. It’s like no matter what we do we can’t stay away for too long. I say all this to say that lately I haven’t been getting what I want in this relationship and I am thinking about breaking up from this friendship all together. Mostly because I feel like he is in his selfish stage and I don’t feel like I am part of his journey of growth. I am getting tired of being the more supportive and encouraging one. I have tried to keep the friendship going because he is honestly my favorite person on Earth to be around! But he’s so damn self-centered sometimes that he fails to see or appreciate a good one, when its right in his face. So… yea maybe I should just cut it off completely because at this point we are just “Friends”. Just so I can have a piece of mind. But I just don’t know how long I can do that for. Honestly, I am just hoping another guy, maybe a Taurus lol, will come by and sweep me off my feet so I can move the Hell on! lol…But this attraction is so deep, that if I do meet someone else …I don’t want this to interfere with any future prospects. Hopefully, someone understands what I’m saying lol. Hopefully. I found my new community of peeps 🙂 Welcome to some advice…Thanks!

      1. Good luck getting away. If things aren’t working you have to get away because having a ex Leo lover as a friend is a mistake. They’re far to polarizing and will block you from considering or attracting a potential mate. Best of wishes.

      2. Wow…almost identical situation here. And I feel you on not wanting this strong attraction to interfere with future prospects.

  13. Hey guys i need help. i recently started dating a boy (he is a leo) and i love him a lot. about two weeks after we started dating he kinda ignores me and when I’m around him we only talk a little bit and we don’t act as romantic as we usually do. Now he likes to hang out with my best friend and (i am a Scorpio by the way and my best friend is a virgo) he talks to her now more than me..but..why? i thought we had something going. Is our love over? please help because i love him a lot

    1. Hmmm…. from what i my experience leo usually act like that if they are mad at u….. they have this big ego n if they are severely hurt they act sulking n ignoring ya…n they never tell you directly whats the thing that hurt them…they keep it in..until you realize their attitude change n ask them that is their every thing ok? Then if they really are waiting for u to realize it..they will immediatly burst…n tell u straight after some hmm hmm type answers…

      1. LOL YUKINA, thats spot on! I’m a leo female currently behaving like this towards my scorpio male! It’s just my relationship is very new with my scorpio male and he lost his fiance two years ago and brings her name up ALL the time. Still has her things chilling in the garage. I try to be understanding since things are new. I’m trying not to demand him to NOT talk about her or donate her belongings right now. But he literally brings her up everyday. I ask him about his past experiences and he doesn’t just say things like “yea, I’ve gone skydiving” or “Yes, I love sushi”… It’s always “Yes I went skydiving with my fiance and her friends, it was awesome and would love to go again” and “I loved going out to eat sushi when I was with my fiance”. If I’m on the phone with him for a few hours a day, it is inevitable that I hear her name almost twice on the phone call. As I’m starting to fall for him, I’m growing very tired of hearing her name so often. I’m beginning to feel like he’s not over that even though he swears he is. But because I’m hiding how I really feel because I think it’s to soon to demand him to quit that, I usually want to get off the phone after hearing her name and go talk to someone else or do something else, anything fucking else then hear about someone who was taken from him rather then something that ended through a breakup. As I sit here and type this, I’m starting to feel like it’s silly for me to think that this will change when I actually tell him I don’t think I can stand hearing his past interrupt the present and future any longer. I’m sure that will be the possessive/jealous argument a leo and scorpio have??

        1. As a scorpion male, involved with a lioness, I want to offer you some advise. Hopefully I’m not too late, as you posted this almost 2 years ago. Your bf is using his lost love as a shield to prevent being vulnerable again, while understandable, you defiantly need to respectfully call him on it and the sooner the better. She will always be a part of his life, and thusly a part of your relationship. You can get jealous that a ghost holds part of his heart, or you can tell him how difficult it is to be so close to him but kept apart. When he brings up their past experiences with her but wants to repeat them, skydiving as an example, why not utilize that to shake him up. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to go skydiving as a tribute to how in love with life she was..”
          However if you were at the point in your relationship that you didn’t know he likes sushi you might have a lot of stories to hear before you reach a point he can set aside the past and actually be good for you in a relationship.

  14. This match is an amazing roller coaster that I feel is sooo worth the ride! I am a young Scorpio female, I am 21 years old and the handsome guy that I have fallen for is a 23 year old Leo. I don’t even know where to begin. Ironically, I’ll start from the first moment we met. I’m quiet, self-reserved, and shy (at first) and he’s outgoing, charismatic, with a very warm spirit. Upon meeting him I knew there would be something special about him and there was. We had an immediate attraction and our bond grew exponentially. It usually takes me months to open up to people, but I was able to let him inside my world with ease and comfort. I could feel it in my spirit that he was a genuine guy who I could let my guard down with. I feel so free with him. I truly cherish the bond that I have with him. His presence and support in my life means volumes to me. He is the yin to my yang. he provides my life with great balance. We share plenty of common ground and when we do see things differently, communication and compromise is a growing process for us. In the midst of our differences I greatly appreciate how we still maintain respect and an open mind for understanding each other’s perspectives. Our physical chemistry is the bomb dot cum! (lol) We have so much fun and it’s so rough and passionate! I love showing him my affection especially in the bedroom! 😉 I know that we’re both young, but I honestly feel that this guy is my soulmate and it is him who I want to share this amazing ride with. Just a matter of time.<3

  15. I am a lioness who is bffs with a Scorpio man in my law class. We started as study partners, then became genuine friends, confidants, divulging truths about each other we dont share with most. See he is not scared of me- as abrasive & complex as I can be sometimes & he doesn’t judge me. When he first made an advance at me I rejected him & felt ashamed & embarrassed. It is hard for me to even type it because i am to ashamed-he is married with 2 kids-against everything I believe in. I have also been celibate for the last several years & definitely wouldnt waste that on a married man! So I avoided him for awhile & was cold towards him, but the truth is he is the only one I can talk to about certain shit. So of course we remain friends. He is a gentle giant, kinda goofy actually, but with a silent strength that makes me respect him & he is absolutely brilliant! Like a true Scorpio he is persistent. the other day we were in the library studying from the ipad when i felt him plant a wet french kiss on my neck. I pulled away when he caught me on my neck again & whispered “I’ll follow you all over the bed kissing that coochie like you ain’t goin nowhere” OMG! My eyes rolled back & I almost let out a soft moan! I tried to play it off with the proverbial “Boy stop” but my panties were wet. He definitely sensed this because he smiled. now the advances are becoming more bold & frequent. The lioness in me loves it when a man wants me so bad it’s all he can see/taste/smell (his words in fact)-when a man is obsessed with me. This is why the Scorpio ignites my sexuality! After 3 years I am starting to breakdown. I find myself thinking of what it would be like to let him have his way with me. The way he stares at my body & touches me is as if he wants to eat me alive! I protect myself by meeting him only in public places & under no circumstances will i kiss him. That will surely open Pandora’s box. He showers me with attention & gets me to open up even when I’m feeling cold. He uplifts me when I need to hear something positive. He tells me how sexy I am even when I don’t feel it. i know if i ever gave him permission he would take my mind & body to crazy places. How do I know? Well I have dated a few Scorpios before & was lucky to escape alive! They totally posses & intoxicate you, never underestimate their rewarding but dangerous depths.

    My first was a guy I grew up with-he played football & I was a cheerleader at this recreational park as kids. We lost contact, then reconnected when I was 17 & he was 19 & became great friends. He had grown up to be so sexy! All the girls wanted him…& he wanted me. When we had finally had sex it was so passionate! But he quickly became obsessive & possessive, beyond a flattering level. he demanded all of my time but only allowed me some of his & tried to control me. When he sensed I was pulling away he would punish me by trying to trap me. He would sneak & remove his condom during sex & release inside me. Luckily, it didn’t work, but the unfortunate part is because he is so sexually manipulative I cant even trust his friendship anymore & after all these years. He recently went to great depths to hunt me down again-blowing up my phone & threatening to come to my house. I am steering clear, especially since he is married to a “Real Housewife”. damned Scorpios will never let you get too far away.

    In college i experienced my deepest relationship to date with yet another Scorpio. We were inseparable-a dynamic & formidable duo. he was my everything & I was his. He made love to me multiple times a day for over 6 years. Saying no was not an option & if i did there was hell to pay! I never got bored with his lovemaking & he always wanted mine. He too was obsessive & insanely jealous & succeeded in getting me pregnant…twice-once accidentally early in our relationship & once on purpose at the end when I was pulling away (hmm recurring theme?) Both times ended in tears & the relationship became irreparable. I still cant bring myself to see him in person after 8 yrs because i don’t trust the cosmic connection we share. On the rare occasion we do text, he always ends with “Love & miss you”.

    Neither Leo or scorpio will forget each other. You are best friends, formidable enemies, & sexual soul mates. Now here I am, once again allowing myself to sink in the deep, dark, DANGEROUS sexual Scorpio waters. how did i get myself into this trouble…

  16. This is so true!!! I have been messing around with a leo man Co worker. It has been hot since day one. Yesterday it got even hoter.

  17. Im in love with this boy cameron at my school we dated b4 but it.was a rocky relationship i feel like a weirdo connection with him like a magnetic attraction he is so sweet nd cute hes such a nice guy but hes so proud damn he wont let me in nd i wont let him in its like i am afraid of his love…please help

  18. I am a leo man that has fallin for a scorpio woman ive been so consumed with myself that i never cared about others until i met her im like a cat in so many ways its crazy and she peeks my couristy and dives me crazy but i love her i can never stay mad at her cause she makes me smile her presents is known ta wjere i cant only think of me ots a us.

  19. I’m a Leo woman 25 and he’s Scorpio 31 since our first talk, I felt somethting magnetic about him that lets me comfortable to speak and express..he asks lots of questions, shows deep interest in everything I say but wouldn’t really talk deliberately about himself unless I ask..I feel I understand the way he’s made even without the need to hear it with his own words..he is distant sometimes and I try to leave him the space he needs (although we Leos need attention and don’t want to feel neglected) used to piss me off to feel waiting until he gets back again but then I ask myself why am I even torturing myself getting involved in such a relationship. The sex is awesome I feel somehow he wants to be unforgettable and leave his own touch, I’m a Leo but I love being dominated in bed and he’s great in that.. I read mostly posts from scorpio women with leo men but the vice versa isn’t that popular in forums..

    1. As a felow lioness I’ve to tell you to never let a man take you for granted. He is distant and needs space and fail to met your needs?! REALLY! Find another scorpio or lion to be there when he’s not.
      Waiting!!!??? while your life and beauty fades while he’s probably partying behind your back , living his life? Open your eyes women. When a man wants ‘space’ consistently and fail to fulfill our needs find another to fill the gap.
      My experience with scorpio man is that they put eyes on the best, they are demanding and want it all. Be like them, aim to the best and demand what they demand from you. Being left waiting, pissed off and thumb sucking is leftovers.
      Be independent and love yourselves girls independently of sign. Peace.

      1. I met this Scorpio man in December and I’m a lion.. From the minute I laid my eyes on him I just knew there was something so terribly wrong yet felt so amazingly right. We had sex the first time we met and well It was the most mindblowing experience I have ever had. Honestly.. So I didn’t want to loose him. I really started liking him. So we would at least meet up once a week purley for sexual pleasure. I came out of a break up and this is by far the best thing that ever happend to me. So it’s been going on like this…. To now and last time I met him was few days back and we had sex multiple times and its this hugely great amazing sex I can’t even begin to define… And me being a Leo it’s very hard for someone to truly capture my heart. Perhaps sexually but he certainly did it.

        My issues – He is unavailable Infact has a fiancé . He also has lots of other women who speak to him perhaps sleep with him on many occasions.
        He is gonna get married to the love of his life for many years. And probably will be monogamous or won’t be I don’t know but there is a high probability he won’t. He is very honest and upfront with me about almost everything sometimes it’s very difficult to listen because you really like the guy and don’t wanna here about other people he’s been with. But I patiently listen and don’t say anything. After we have sex we don’t speak to each other till we meet again and when we do its like we speak everything we haven’t spoken while making love it just drives insane inside. To know I can’t have this man and yet I feel so strongly. I can’t tent to think that he is the same with everyone else if just doesn’t click in my head for some reason. I’m not foolish I know this is nothing we have nothing .. It’s like when oliva pope from scandal said stolen moments are not a life.

        My question is will he suddenly feel what I feel ? Turn around everything even the very final minute and come to ME?? Even go to an extend of not marrying the love of his life. And realize perhaps Him and I could have a future. Does these type of behavior ever occur in a Scorpio when he met his perfect Leo Match. Or am I just delusional and just run to the door marked exit or choose to stay in this forever as long as he says no. Thanks for reading and would love your helpful advice.

        1. Hello “hot lion,” honestly, I’m embarrassed typing that. lol No, he wont, and you know he won’t. It’s a part of what makes that relationship so attractive to you. On one hand you want to posses him but on the other you want to be free. This is a major struggle for all Leo’s. If you really do want him, tell him that he should either choose you or his fiancé. If he’s cheating with you he doesn’t love her…well unless they are in an open relationship, if that’s the case, you should walk away now, he’s never going to leave her.

  20. I am a leo woman who recently met a Scorpio man. He is 9 years younger than me. I am quite attracted to him, but unlike other men that I can easily read, he is hard to read. He greets me every morning and when we speak, its for hours.

    When we started to get intimintimate I told him its been a few years since I’ve been intimate with anyone so he will understand my delay but when we kiss it’s so passionate that I get chills even as I type this.

    Its hard to tell but I think he likes me although somehow its subtle. I have a tendency to jump into relationships and jump right back out when things go bads, so I want to take my time but I dont want him to think I’m not interested because I am.

    Hmm, I dont know what to think about him, I guess I will have to practice patience. Of course if anyone have additional advice for me, I will gladly accept.

  21. Hello!
    Firstly i would like to give you my compliments, this site it’s awesome.
    Im a scorpio woman & Im in a relationship with a leo man for like two years now.
    I can honestly say its the best experience of my life. I mean all my feelings have been so intense during this time, love, passion, anger, sadness, happiness and everything. I love him 🙂
    He’s honest, sweet, gentleman, caring, confident, strong and hardworking man. He treats me like a princess, in private and public . but its true, he is impulsive, challenging and drivesss me crazyyy… But at least I NEVER GET BORED WITH THIS GUY,,, i think ill never will 🙂
    But i care, a lot, after everything, so im planing to stic to my leo man till the end 🙂

    Keep it up with the good postings .

  22. Wow all these stories and comments reassure me about this connection I have felt towards an old classmate turned friend. He’s obviously a Leo while I’m a female Scorpio and ever since we began talking to one another since freshman year, there has always been this “bond” that I could not describe to any of my friends without getting the “you’re thinking too into it” or “you’re over-exaggerating it”. I have many stories/experiences with this person and thinking back on it, it makes me yearn for him a lot especially since we are both recent graduates of high school and decided to attend two different universities (I personally decided to break away from him since the vibe between us was a little overwhelming and intoxicating). When I fell for him, I always had this feeling inside me that he was met to stay in my life even as just friends. He was the first person to break my barrier to where I was out-right flirting. Although we had two separate set of friends, we both were told (and scolded) for our flirtatious behaviour with one another. He was always willing to do what I said or asked of him, even though they were sometime very odd or tedious requests. Example: “Lend me your phone” without giving him a reason or being pushy about it or “Hold my phone, I don’t have pockets” (at least I found them weird thinking back on it) For some odd reason, whenever we had an altercation or anything happen between us, he was always ready the next period or day to boost about it to both set of friends, which did NOT set well with me. Maybe this was the start of me deciding to be less open with him for I love my privacy. But, of course, it was hard staying away from him! Whenever we were together, all his attention was solely on me and I knew he knew all my attention was on him. He would deliberately do things or say things to get my attention and I always found them quirky and very cute alongside amusing. In some way he used me a lot as an attention magnet whenever we shared classes together, loving the fact that other guys would “fight” with him over me- liking that I would always choose him. Something I wouldn’t mind admitting is that: HE GAVE THE BEST HUGS. I always felt secure and warm within his arms. His hugs were always comforting and worth the friendship. I admit he knew how to make me feel special, even after we decided to take a small break from one another near the end of Junior year into Senior year. I have seen him get jealous whenever other guys try to or do hug me right in front of him. How do I know? Well being a Scorpio I’m very observant and Leo’s are known to be the “what you see is what you get” type right? He became moody, pouty or at times down right angry. Once he even intervened, pulling me close into his chest even though he spoke to the mutual friend with laughter and jokes. A possessive and protective Leo is a sexy one in my opinion. Whenever we are in a room together, our eyes would automatically gravitate to one another and before I know it, he’s by my side talking to me or to my friends. He seems to always choose, when we’re in a group, to stand close beside me but I think that’s because he likes how we both would deliberately graze our hands together or stand close together so no one else would come in-between us. There are many more moments, days, experiences, stories and just many more things but that would probably take weeks to talk about. The last thing I’ll say is that Leos are very addicting to me and I’ve come across many Leos since graduating but no other Leo could match up to him. Maybe I’m just not giving the other Leos a chance? We do get along and they do make me laugh but I don’t think they match up to him at all. Since then, I have not been serious about any Leos to this date, even the Leos that I came across during high school. I know I’m still young and have a whole life set out for me but I know this Leo that I became extremely close and fell for will always be that one person that I can’t get out of mind. He will always be that one little lion king that is always welcome back into my life, as a remedy or a virus. Haha

  23. Hello I’m a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man and this is the best site I’ve come across. It is so true to say that having a Scorpio in yr life sends you on a roller coaster of every emotion.I lust after him. And until I get to see him I’m miserable. I absolutely love this man. Can’t get enough of him. We get on great for a while until the scopioinic dark moods set in and then I feel like I’ve never really had him.when I’m with him he makes me feel very special. This Scorpio is a full time father and I have to fight the feelings of being left out,altho he seems to understand I feel neglected. A selfish thing I know but I feel like something is missing when I’m not with him. His kids come first.and jealousy oh my God even with my friends I’ve got to be so careful with what I say to him.he’s allowed to have female friends but won’t tolerate me having men in my life . He says he loves me,I’m hooked that’s it no one will ever live up to my Scorpio.xx

  24. I’m currently in love with a scorpio male. Our relationship has been quite the rollercoaster ride. In the beginning, we went slow with everything and didn’t even kiss until after the 4th date. But, that caused everything to be more special and meaningful when we finally did. Unfortunately, he was not in the right place at the time and did not think highly of himself so we ended up breaking things off for a portion of time. Honestly, killing both of us. We were both highly depressed during the time and would somewhat talk throughout, it was extremely difficult. About 2 months ago, we reconnected. He was very shy with his actions so I had to be the one to make the first move and ask him to breakfast. He accepted and we ended up getting dinner and then going to a movie rather than breakfast. At the movie, we had kissed for the first time in months. It was truly incredible. We began to go out more afterwards and finally made things official. Then, we had sex. Let me just tell you, the sex is just wow. Everything you hear about the scorpio and leo sex is true, it’s truly life changing. We have confessed our love to one another as well and things are really looking out in a positive light. I am one lucky leo, that’s for sure.

  25. Just started dating a Leo man , I can say in the beginning he impressed me & said All the right things to me but now it’s kinda feels like he doesn’t keep up with that anymore & I constantly have to remind him to pay attention to me or something btw the sex is awesome but I feel like our relationship is all about sex !!! Nd I hate that nd I want us to be more on an emotional level but I feel like I’m repeating myself keep trying to get him to express himself

  26. I love everything this has to say & all the comments I got to read. It is all on point. Hit on the spot for the both of us! I’m a Scorpio woman deeply in love with a Leo man. It seems we get along so well, laugh, play like kids, do everything together & then bump heads & we’re fighting & fighting. He wants to not talk about it while I want to be able to talk and fix things right away. He also seems to take everything the wrong way. Sometimes he can be so closed up and sometimes he’s so open. He is so loving and caring then be a dick at times (atleast he’ll realize that once he isn’t mad anymore) the sex is beyond amazing. I can’t describe how passionate this gets between the sheets. This man makes me feel like a queen! I am so attached to him as he is to me. We are working on our relationship as it’s still fresh. I love spending all my days with him & all my nights. He’s a great man. Big ego, too much pride lol. But definitely a wonderful person.

    1. Wow! It’s like Im reading about myself with some of these comments! Awesome website! I’m a Scorpio woman 25 who is madly in love with a Leo man who is 42. I’ve known him for over three years now. We’ve literally been thru it all. Each time we fight we always tell each other it’s over and we are done, but we usually never mean it. We usually break from each other a month a or so after we “fight” but we back in each other’s face. We can’t stay away from each other. It’s like we are magnets. Our connection is so omg so deep. I feel like our heart beats are in tandem. It’s amazing. The sex between is out of this world. This man has literally brought the freak out of me. He is eveything…& so much more. I’m nasty but he makes me filthy nasty. We are so passionate and wild wild in the bedroom. I would literally do anything with him anywhere. Nasty. We are currently “fighting” it’s been almost three weeks since I’ve heard from him. I’m counting the days until I can see and **** him again.ive definitely learned a lot being with him. Sometimes he tries to repress is feelings..I think it’s cute. My guy has been Thru so much…I love him like crazy. He just does it for me. I hope to marry him one day.

  27. I’m a Leo women and Its been 3 days since I’ve realllyy started liking this Scorpio and I feel like I’m in love already. We are both in high school (Im 16 and he’s 17 but he was held back), and he has a girlfriend. I would never mess with a relationship or make anyone cheat, but I LOVE every minute i spend with him… He’s very mellow and I’m very outgoing and sometimes very hyper, but I am introverted (i always need to recharge) and even though Im horrible at small talk, I just want to tell him everything personal about myself, He looks so trusting and understanding. Sometimes i wanna have deep talks and sometimes I honestly just want to push him against a wall and have a passionate make-out session. I have only met him since the start of the school year, but I actually knew him before, and I really judged him and I thought i wouldn’t like him, because he did not seem attractive to me at all and moody, but he seems so attractive to me now.. I honestly find this article very accurate, and (This sounds very selfish) but I honestly hope we can date at least once.. or at least make out or kiss at least once. I don’t care if our relationship would last but he’s so down to earth and attractive.. I really hope we date one day :p

  28. I don’t even know where to begin lol

    I use to be married to a Scorpio then another Scorpio and now my secret lover is a Scorpio they all have the same birthday October 31st lmao

    But long story short I’m so Inlove with my Scorpio lover we’ve known each other for over 3 years at first I avoided him because I was in a relationship and he use to be my ex bestfriends fuck buddy but he’s so patient And persistent, recently I eventually gave in and start seeing him more and more we’re so Inlove with each other. He’s everything I want in a man and I’m he’s dream girl as he always say ☺️

    1. How funny I am a Scorpio born on the 31??? 36 and seeing a 19 Leo girl who’s 29th of July love and connection can be odd

  29. I’m falling for a Leo man…this is very much true…I’m a Scorpio…we have so much fun together so much love is in the air…hoping this works!!

  30. so ive been dating a leo male for a few months now and ive fell head over heals for him everything was going so great. then boom it changed he ignored me for several days and finally i went and saw him and we made up. then he got distant again and never makes time for me. im really confused. hell hit me up seldom now and act like he misses me but i constantly feel like its a cat and mouse game with him . what do i do i miss him so much!!!!

    1. If a leo act like a scorpio (being distant n after some time tells you they miss you), that means that leo is ambitious type. Actually all leos are ambitious. They forgets their loved one sometime while climbing career or study ladder. These are leos with less love experience or first time love experience. They are not transformed by experience to deal with people’s feelings yet. There are leos that distant themselves to do social thing or career path climbing and when they are tired they just want to go home to their nest and cuddle with their loved ones. Scorpios on the other hand, distant themselves to recharge. Scorpios disappear to recharge themselves to bring out energy full force for whatever they want to do next. Leos disappear to do what they do well and prefer to do on free time (climb career ladder or being social butterfly) and they often forget people while being so focus in their hobby. They get tired and sleep and repeat the same thing until when they truly miss you, they’ll call or msg you like crazy back. Transformed leos are more considerate and do not forget loved one easily while being the center of attention which they like to be in. That are the differences I’ve realized after some observations. This observations might only be true for certain leos. Leos’ depth, darkness and back-away-and-disappear moments are directed in their pursue of success/status/attention. (Although leos are ruled by sun bright fire, I believe they have dark red fire in them too – just my opinion) Leos however, do not all the time want attention. They have their lazy and relax time as well as hide in their cave time too. Scorpios depth, darkness and back-away-and-disappear moments are directed toward self building and thinking about themselves, people, how the world runs and how to succeed when they are fully charged.

      Both signs when truly committed are able to transform themselves to fit their loved one. They do get pissed off a little bit by each other if they are not careful with their thinking and forget to think about sacrifice they need to make. They should busy up themselves to not create so much time for them to think what the other has done that they don’t personally like.

      Unhappy signs abort their natural traits and do opposite things from what they normally do. Too much transformed signs on the other hand are due to past hurtful experience that shape their mind to act differently.

  31. The first time I lade eyes on my Scorpio man I was in love we were with different people then , 5 years later I found out he was single so I left my current relationship to be with him .my ex was a scorpio too and it was a bad match so when I found out my new guy was a scorpio I was scared to start a new relationship with another one but the pull I had with him I had to try and thank god I did we have been to gather 7 years married and have a daughter and I couldn’t live without him .never had a soft love like this .our fights are crazy but we move on pretty fast and the sex is even better

  32. I am a Leo woman in love with a Scorpio man I feel like I always put more effort into everything and he just doesn’t care we never had an official tittle as boyfriend and girlfriend but at the beginning we acted like if we were now I’m still in love with him but he seems to have moved one to better things I see him at hangouts all the time sometimes he looks for me but most of them time I look for him should I move on or keep trying? I need to see what a Scorpio man thinks of a Leo woman.

  33. I think I’m falling for a Leo my heart races everytime we meet and I get weak when your close to me My mind wanders into my deepest desires of you intimately. My mind and body wants you desperately. The more I see you, the more I can’t resist. If only you knew how I really feel about you….

  34. I am a 28yr. Old Scorpio man, I met a beautiful young Leo when I was 19, she was 17 at the time. We’ve been apart for almost 7yrs. now, we were together a little over 3yrs. It was the most intense feeling of love I’ve ever experienced in my life.. I still feel the same way about her as I did in the beginning. I’ve been In two relationships since then and I’ve honestly tried to be happy but it hasn’t worked out because I still love her and she’s on my mind everyday. Almost 2yrs with one relationship, over 4yrs. With the other (which ended about 2weeks ago) it was the happiest time of my life and I feel like I compare every relationship to the time I spent with her and I can’t seem to stop doing that.. I remember how we used to look into each other’s eyes and I felt like my presence in the world would just drift away, almost like I only really existed within her. We would fall asleep with our lips together, we even liked the smell of each other’s breath. The sex was so passionate and smooth mostly, other times it was extremely steamy and wet. Running her fingers through my beard and pulling my face to hers, it felt like she would make my insides heavier every time she sucked another kiss from my lips. I’ve never slept so well as I did with her in my arms, backing her body up against mine, the smell of her hair as she snuggled her head up under my chin.
    I’m recently single again and so is she, we’ve remained fairly close over the years, I think I’m going to try my luck at getting all of that back. I don’t know how well it will all work out, I don’t think there’s anything I’d rather do though. This is the first time I’ve ever spilled my feelings on the situation to strangers, it fealt pretty good to take a trip down memory lane though. I’m so tired of missing the love we had, hopefully we can get it back.
    Wish me luck ladies and gents, I’m hoping you get yours too.

  35. I met this Scorpio guy when I was 19 and he was 23 at the time. Now i’m 24 and I still miss him so much. We were only for two months in a relationship. It’s a short time but it really breaks my heart that he is no longer with me. I’m sure he will be a great husband and an amazing father. I love him and hope he is happy.

    Best of luck to all the others here!

  36. I’m a Scorpio, he was a Leo and I miss him. I hope he is thinking about me now. I wish we could be together, it’s so difficult without him. I wish I had another chance.

  37. I’ve recently met a leo man he’s 35 I’m 21 he pulled up on my mother & i taking a walk. He was so respectful charming & sweet it was just something bout his aura that the scorpio in me couldn’t resist he took me out that night it was magically we had so much in common it was scary

  38. This site gives me life.
    I just recently met a Scorpio man (online) about a week ago. We have talked on the phone everyday and finally met in person this past weekend. The moment I first saw him I was completely attracted. I’m 37 and he’s 34. He is so fun to talk to and I enjoy every second. He is a single dad and has an incredible relationship with his kids. I admire him as a father. So now I know it’s Valentines Day and this may sound a little corny but I think I’ve met my cupid. We laugh together all the time and share many stories. I was so intrigued that the first day we met I also took him to see my sister. Lol (needed her approval as well, she a scorpio too) he always tells me how beautiful I am and how lucky he is to have met me. I can’t wait till the day we have our first kiss. Just reading everyones comments I know this is not a perfect relationship but it sounds like it will be worth the fight!

  39. So where to start, I’m a Leo (24) and I met my Scorpio man (30) through an online dating website. Soon after chatting on the website we exchanged numbers. We continued to chat for a bit but my mind was occupied elsewhere so it just sort of fizzled out. Fast forward to a few weeks later, went through my contacts and when I rediscovered his name I immediately messaged him. We started chatting non stop about any- and everything. He is very straightforward and blatantly stated he is a Scorpio through and through early on in our conversation. This made me go on a Scorpio research expedition, hence how I landed on here haha. Off the bat I could tell he can be very jealous/ possessive. Strange thing is that it actually attracted me to him even more. Now fast forward to the first date. Instant attraction, and a crazy amount of sexual energy radiated from us both. As the evening progressed we moved closer and closer towards each other. Touching him at every opportunity I could. He walked me to my car, leaned down to give me the best hug I’ve ever had (as silly as that sounds), and without hesitation kissed me. It felt as if fireworks were supposed to go off in the background, that’s how crazy good it was!! I had to force myself not to go home with him that nigth. The thing is he’s fresh out of a long term relationship (about 2 months) and I’ve been single for nearly a year. After the date he said he wants to continue speaking to me and then see what the future holds, but that I made him realize he’s not ready for a relationship just yet. Patience is NOT one of my virtues but I don’t want to lose him, so I’ll play by his rules, for now 😉

  40. I’m a scorpio woman. I met my Leo papi online, we fell in love at the first glance. He knew exactly what my heart wanted as we got to know each other. It almost felt like we had known each other in our past life. He fills me up with gifs, and the sex shoots me to heaven. :D.

  41. Well this was spot on! I’m a Scorpio man and I’m falling for and not falling for a Leo woman, if that makes sense. We have never had a relationship, but have had the same perks that come with it without making it official, that’s how she wants it because she’s working on getting her career started and I’m fresh out of the military going to college. We’ve been off and on for several years now. We started off with a bang that sizzled and has tried to come back every once in a while over the years. More recently things have been great. We both tell each other we mean the world to one another and I’ve learned that the best way show her I care about her is to pamper her. I send her flowers and cards and gifts for her bday, Christmas, and Valentines day. She knows the best way to reciprocate is to tell me I make her happy. That alone is worth more to me than anything else. However, we struggle with my emotions which causes some huge arguments between us. I struggle with explaining why I feel the way I do and with trying to justify those emotions. Sometimes my brain tells me nothing is wrong, but y heart says there is. In the past they have created a division between us that can go on for months or even over a year, which Is very hard for me because for some reason my heart is set on her, but every time we mend up the distance and things start over with a bang. When things are good she’s calling me names like lover, boo, etc., but when things are bad it’s like world war III and for me I try to use rules of engagement (I don’t want to hurt her or damage her ego) while she will go off like an atomic bomb. I can take some hits. I usually mend the scars when we are doing good and when I feel the time is ready I explain to her why I felt the way I did. That helps build us up. She once told me that we are an example of what it’s like when two people care enough about each other and make sacrifices to make things work.

  42. Wooow this is more than true am a leo n my scorpio man is so interesting. I admit we fight a lot bt we cnt resist each other no mater what…ma heart tells me i love him so much bt ma leo pride always get me into trouble

  43. Love the comments 🙂 any suggestions for me. I am a Leo lady and I met my Scorpio man around 2001, were together for 2 months, never had sex but did everything else 🙂 and it was a blast. But i wasnt ready for him then, he was blunt and my ego was still at its peak because I was a child back then. We reunited again, hanging out with the same friends, and started talking (december 2015). I sensed je felt something for me but due to his past breakup with another woman (4 years ago) he was emotionaly hurt and doesnt want a relationship. When we are together, i only exist in his eyes, its a connection of feeling as one, but when we are not, its like he pushes me away. He acts as he dosnt care, he flerts at other women and i somehow see that as he really cares for me but because men are always around me, he wants to get a rise out of me. He tells me that I am too possesive, “you want me just for yourself'” his words and i feel he wants me to say yes god dam i do but he just pushes me away.i have learned to let my guard down and my big ego, i just dont have the patiance to wait for his enotions to open. We have had steaming sex and the last time i just wanted him to make me a child, where he said “that doeasnt sound like bad idea”, he said he loves me butbi see as if he loves me as a person like any person close to his heart, not as the one and only if you know what i mean. I just wish someone can tell me why i feel his vibration telling me that he not only loves but adores me, and thus why does behave so indifferent as if he doesnt care at all (even though its blanly obvious he does). What shoul i do, i am 30 for gods sake and i still dont get why the games, why not love 🙂 thanknyou alll you lovely scorpios

    1. Oh God. I just have the same situation… Hes always hiding every emotions(BECAUSE HE DONT HAVE ANY. Ahham. Ok.) but i feel the vibration too… Acting and words are total different.

  44. Well im a Scorpio and met my Leo online and we both felt such a connection that we both took out profiles down. After 10 days of him texting me constantly morning, and during the day asking me how my day is and every night for hours until he went to bed. And now nothing??? Very short responses after I ask him how he was feeling, he was sick but I still went to visit with him just to be by him. When I left everything was fine. The next day no morning text so I text him how he was feeling and he said bad and that was it for 2 days no communication from him? I don’t know what happened and I texted him is he okay? No response and I even told him I don’t what happened and still nothing and now it’s 3 days later. Nothing

    1. I am a Leo male, 32. The best advice I can give to you is to visit your Leo in person. And make sure to buy him a gift (not just any gift, the one that he likes).
      Show some courage, as Leo does not always like in-confident people (as Scorp can be).
      Good luck

  45. I am a Scorpio female (25) dating a Leo man (28) and we met on Halloween last year. He was training at an air force base in my hometown where I would go often to visit close friends and initially I didn’t think much of him because he was this pale, tall, muscly guy with his head shaved, and we were both a bit tipsy from the Halloween revelry, but that first night we talked for hours at the bar, ignoring our friends and making each other laugh. I kissed him but he didn’t kiss me back, because he told me later he was still talking to someone else. It was a great time tho. Our second date was also at a bar, and after a few drinks we went back to his place where he tried to serenade me with his guitar (he’s good at the guitar part, but let’s just say he’s no John Mayer) and one thing led to another. We were together constantly over the next four months, laughing, having adventures, hiking, sightseeing, and going to the best bars and restaurants. Then he had to move back to his home base in Mississippi last February. We both thought spending time together was just this fun, casual thing even though we would see each other half of each week when I stayed at his apartment, and we would talk on the phone regularly when apart. I had gotten out of a 2.5 year relationship 4 months before we met, but I was falling in love with his charm, strength, devotion, masculinity and intelligence. Not to mention the sheets were steamy! But he had to move. He was restless and depressed for those last few weeks. He loved my home state, and we had already said I Love You to each other 3 months in while camping and watching the sun set. Him first, but I wanted to say it first, I think. He invited me to visit his parents in March at their new house on the east coast, and we had a great time walking around Charleston, SC, being tourists and window shopping. 🙂 This May, he came to visit me for the first time since he moved. We got a hotel, checked out some sites, and made love. We talk on the phone every night, but we’ve only had Skype sex twice since he moved, and the sex when he visited me was not too great at first but got better. I feel that he’s still devoted and loyal, and loves me, but the distance is really hard and sometimes I feel like he’s distant. We both want to see where this goes long term, even though the distance sucks! Leo men are loyal, loving and supportive. They can be used to getting their way, demanding at times, and they don’t really know what to do when a girl freaks out or criticizes them. (They will get defensive). But if you have found one whose in the right time in their lives and ready for a real relationship, they will treat you like a Queen, be loyal as a gallant Prince, fight for you like a knight, and always be true.

  46. This is spot on its crazy. I’m a Scorpio female and had been with a Leo man for over 4 years. It was an instant attraction and pull towards him. We could drive each other nuts but always came back for more. Describing it as addictive is correct. We couldn’t stay away. I was more than willing to be honest about my feelings whereas he wasn’t so much. It was intense to say the least. He brought things out in me that nobody has. It ended almost 6 months ago and it’s been one of the hardest things to move on…I’m still not quite there yet. And not for lack of effort. I just can’t forget him and the way he made me feel so alive. How can you go back to an existence where the flame was lit with him to now being in the dark? It’s been a really tough pill to swallow. I miss him terribly.

  47. I am Scorpio female (24 years old) and I dated a Leo man ( 23 years old). The first time I met him was at a mall during shadowing for work. I was going up the escalator and he was going down. We dated each other for about 5 months. There was an attraction from the start. Both of us were starring across the escalator awkwardly;) We worked in different departments and have different shift. I didn’t really acknowledge much when I’m at work. He’s always on the same floor and in my department. He asked me questions and my answers are very direct and brief about work. Anyways, I ran into him at a bar with his friends and his friends were trying to engage conversations. Our eyes are like a magnet…He looks like he’s blushing or enjoying sharing times with me… He was listening the whole time when his friends and I were playing drinking games and talking. Suddenly when things got quiet for split seconds, he asked me, “so Lynn, when are you taking me out”. I laughed and responded back and said, “you should asked me out”.. He smiled;)… I am a very private person, reserve, introverted and can be extroverted to a certain extent, I guess secretive because I don’t really talk about myself. I don’t let people to get to know me personally unless I am comfortable and that I can trust them.
    I feel like our relationship is like a “light switch”. He turns it on and I turned it off in terms with the way I felt for him. we have our lovey dubby moments, but I didn’t want anything else to eacalate except just hugging and kissing. Because I am reserve, I liked to take things slow. He wants more and to be intimately involve with me, but I would declared that it isn’t the right time. Sex is important what I feel about him is more important. I am a serious person and loyal to my partner. IF I love him I will commite to him even sex. Because I was unsure about my feelings for him, I didn’t want to be iNtimately involve. What’s keeping me apart from him is that he have to be home early most of the time and that really gets on my nerves. Even when I expressed my feelings, I feel like my confusion, unstable thoughts about him are like locked in my head. As days goes on, it just becomes foggy and unclear to me And whether or not If I wanted to still be with him is in question. I didn’t think that my relationship with him can progress despite if I still think about him at times. I wanted someone that is reliable, someone that cares. When I had declared a break up, he didn’t want to break up instead he wants to work things out. He says it was hard to understand me and that I should be try to be more patient. He said his feelings hasn’t change for me.. But I was determined to ended. I think that your Leo and Scorpio is not a match in heaven.. It needs lots of effort. As long as they understand each other and respect each other and can reciprocate loving each other the same way, it can work;)

    Also, I want to mentioned couple of other things.. Recently, I had discovered something that I think about it numerous times before.
    Last night, I was at a karaoke bar. My friends invited me and turned out that majority of his friends that were there are also Leo. And sitting in that room to be honest is like so much eye magnet that keeps rotating. Before I even knew their sign. Above the majority of the Leo male in that crowd. There was 4 Leo male but only one has caught my heart beating at the time.
    He was prob the tallest one from the crowd and also the most charming one I would say that his smiles and his eyes were adorable to me.
    We always end up clashing. I am very much attracted to him but I never really look at him. I’m afraid that if he caught me looking at him, I would be too nervous and I wouldn’t be my normal self. I don’t really respond to him and when I do is indirectly. I really wanted to sit next to him and talked to him, play those drinking games with him but I was too shy and too reserve.
    What restraining me also is that the fact that our age has a big gap. I didn’t think it would work out. I had missed my chance last October when his friends had invited me to a horror Halloween event. I really wanted to say “yes” becauSe of him but I said,”no”.. Why do my heart say “do it” but my mind said, “no” there’s always a conflict. Last night I ran into him again, but this time, he’s already married, happy. I was more reserve and quiet. His friends the same crowd of friends. They engage conversation and one of his friend had asked me out numerous of times through out the time I was there but I kept on rejecting him. I refused to give him my number. He begged me and say “please” and I told him that I have a “valid reason”. After going home that night. I didn’t feel right that I rejected him cold turkey. He said, “at least we can be friends”. But I still say no. Because the truth doesn’t matter because I was just being honest and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So I told him and his friend that my reason is that, ” i am married” indirectly..

  48. I am a proud Scorpio-Woman!

    This is EXACTLY correct!!!! I dated a Leo-Man and it was one of the most adventurous relationships I’ve ever experienced! When we were good it was GREAT … but when we were bad it was BAD! This relationship was definitely worth the ride! Even though we aren’t together right now we still have a strong connection and love for each other. I loved riding this roller coaster ride with him and would definitely ride it again!!!

  49. Help! Reading all these hit home..
    I’m a Leo man dating an older Scorpio female for about a year and some change. Our whole relationship has been long distant, she relocated to another state literally three weeks after we met. The whole year of the relationship was intense, perfect, match made in heaven, she did everything I looked for in a mate. Poured her heart out to me, put me first, everything was about me/us. We constantly argued about when I’ll be moving in cause she didn’t want to move back and I told her to give me time to better myself. A year and a couple months in and I tell her that I’m ready, she replies with her not being ready?! All the attention, affection that she once gave me now feels as if it’s been reduced by half. I don’t know what do/think, I love her, I love her new city but now I feel as if she’s getting away. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not moving when she urged me to.. I don’t want to lose her, advice?!

  50. Good to read, that some of you having a good relationship with this two zodiac sign. Im a Leo Lady and i just met my Scorpio men this spring… We are both around 30.
    All i can say: i never got to understand him.
    After he had a long relationship (7 years) he broke up with her, not just because of me, but i think i was the last point.
    I can feel this magnet stuff too… I just cant stay away from him. The look he can give me… Ohgod. I could watch it the whole day.

    He’s always saying, that he dont want a deep relationship, cause he dont have time etc. He has to work like in 3 place, hes a boss and he’s building hes carreer with fullgass. Its okay… I really love this. I think its bullshit… I told him more time, that ok, but im not that ‘just having fun’ type. But he’s still around, want to talk and meet. And its not just about the sex… Sometimes he just want to talk, taking a walk with ice cream, hug… Or if i have any problem, hes coming to solve them. He’s really protective.

    But everytime i belive, that maybe now he will open up a littlebit: no. No communications for days, maybe a week. And after that a message popin’ up, like nothing happened.
    He’s driving me crazy.
    I like his soft side, but hes hiding everything. He’s always saying the he’s a cold harted bastard… But we both know, this is just not true.
    Sometimes i think i can see everything in his eyes, but if im asking or saying something, hes denying evertyhing. He said, he dont want to catch feelings and pusing away direct every emotional thing.
    Well. Fuck. 🙂
    Pls… Someone was in a situation like this…? Or dear scorpios… Any tip?
    I proved my loyalty, i played with him always with open cards… But i feel like he’s not appreciating anything and he just dont care.
    There is a grey for a scorpio?
    Im already insecure, i always thought i have goot instict, and i can see the people’s true self… But with him. I dont know.

    I always feel like i got his vibration. I see the true in his eyes… But he’s always saying: pls dont think more, like it is.
    He knows exactly how do i feel, i told him more time to leave, one time we were separately… But i always felt hes thinking of me. When we met again, that fire was always there, like this two month never happened…
    I was always a strong woman, a leader everywhere… But with him just like a litte kitty.
    I dont understand him. why he want to be be with me, if he could get ‘just having fun’ girls but without a drama. Cause yes, sometimes hes driving me crazy…
    Sometimes hes saying ‘stuff ‘but never, ever something clear. He sending me random messages with his daily ‘to do list.’ I know mostly where is he… Whats the project, when has he meeting etc.

    Ahh. I really want to be with him, cause for me he’s everything ive been looking for. But slowly i feel like im tired… I tried everything. Communicate too. He says the same things, but he still want to be with me, and he is saying that too, that for him quality is more important too, like the quantity.
    If he also just want to be with me, then WHY COULDNT say ANYTHING??!
    Like… If he want to sleep with me, or meet me hes asking if i can ironing (i def know that he will need a shirt next morning). And everything what we doing is ‘because of me’. He’s not there cause he missed me too, no, he is there cause i said i missed him.
    ITS CRAZY. Hes such a professional, success men… But with emotions, or feelings … Like a small child.

    I would happy for every tips, cause slowly i think im going to let him go…

  51. Can the leo women of this group tell me if you’re ever shy and hesitant to make a move? Also, if you play hard to get sometimes? Sometimes I feel like I’m getting signals, then other times no signals. Confused Scorpio here!

    1. I can say my opinion:)
      I dont like to play games, im not a kid anymore, (29)but actually i was like the same in my teenager years too.
      If i like someone… he deff going to know that. I dont afraid say it out loud, i like to talk about my emotions, for me its not hard. Clear cards, always. (But if i dont like someone, you will know that too…:) )

      BUT. On the other hand…
      it could be sometimes, if i had a hard crush on someone, and im not sure about his side im afraid to open… im total socially awkward. Hahhha. I will just stare him, SURE from the otherside of the room. And sometimes im doing the opposite, what would be normal… like… everyone talk with him, im just walking away and drink something. BECAUSE in this case, he not going to think that im interested…(im totally crushing him, lol)
      So it means… if a leo woman not sure, i think she will hide everything. But in that you can be sure, if shes laughing, smiling with you, its means something. And if you can catch her staring at you… its also positiv.
      So yes i know, we are not easy✋? I had alot problem mit my Scorp men. :/ but good luck!?? I think it could be a working ‘thing.’

      1. Thank you for the reply. The Leo woman is 27. I’m terribly shy and tend to give mixed signals as I don’t like to be too vulnerable. She definitely laughs and jokes around and I do often find our eyes meeting across the room… Very early on she asked me about my preferences (type) for women but she reveals so little. She does compliment me but mainly relating to how well I remember people’s names and basic stuff. She also sends me photos (several) of her new puppy. But then she’s strange with the communication. Sometimes responds and then nothing, even ignoring a simple question. Then if I don’t text she will initiate. Also, we might chat on social media throughout the day then she seems really shy when I see her that evening. Another weird thing: Last night, she said my friend was ‘hot’ directly to me. Then 10 minutes later asked me to fb friends with her. I find her behaviour confusing. Either she was seeking a reaction (which I hope I hid rather well as I was really disappointed she made the comment) or I have been friend-zoned. Do you ever make comments like that for a reaction just to see how someone feels about you?

    2. And one more thing. I know scorpio mens… i leard to make the first step. But i like if we can be in balance… so do the first step sometimes you.

  52. I’m a single male scorpio working with a married female leo. She doesn’t seem to happy with her marriage. Our friendship has gone through it’s ups and downs. There were periods of time when we wouldn’t talk to each other or even look at each other. I start missing her attention and will try to break the ice by giving her eye contact and trying to start conversation. It usually doesn’t take long for her to bounce back. When we are getting along I feel a very close connection with her. It’s almost like there’s no one else in the room. She flirts with every guy that comes across her. When she flirts with me it’s different though, she gets touchy. Another thing she only does with me is she will allow me to make sexual comments to her and she will do the same. If i’m away for a period of time she says she misses me. She once said she especially likes compliments when they come from me. She’ll change her look a lot and appears to get bugged if i don’t compliment her. I catch her staring sometimes. Over time I’ve given her little gifts and she cherishes them. Keeps them in her desk and even displays one of them. Am I reading into this too much or does she maybe have special feelings for me? Sometimes I think she does but may be afraid to admit it because of her situation. Any comments are welcomed and appreciated.

  53. I’m a scorpio who’s been seeing a leo woman on and off for about 5 months. She just got out of 8 1/2 year relationship before we met, and it’s been a constant struggle for me to try and give her space while also adoring her from a distance. I went through a divorce about 4 months before I met her, and we both have our issues, and I’ve done some things that have pushed her away hard, and now I’m at a loss… I know I need to shower her with adoration and light love, but as a scorpio, I can’t help but brood and right now, since she’s said she can’t take anymore, I feel helpless. All of my friends say walk away, but I’m in love and drawn like a moth to a candle. Addicted beyond belief.

  54. Hey I’m a Scorpio woman and he’s a Leo man but lately he’s been withholding sex and arguing. Anyone knows what this could be? He still calls me sees me tells me he loves me. Confused

  55. Hey I’m a Scorpio woman and he’s a Leo man but lately he’s been withholding sex and arguing. Anyone knows what this could be? He still calls me sees me tells me he loves me. Confused…

  56. Why didn’t I see this sooner!? Oddly enough it was an instant attraction! Sex was off the chart. I’m a Scorpio woman..and I met a young Leo man. He stopped me and we practically left our own party to talk and eat. Later met our friends and danced. It was passionate! And he held me close and ask for a kiss. He would always ask first;) We then had adventurous dates; which led to sex. It was so new and exhilarating. I questioned myself if this was real or lust. So I told him let’s hold off and talk more. He made efforts and text back when he could. Although it was as if I was so drawn to want his attention that the distance was too hard to bare. I was suspicious; Scorpio issues!. I mean he has hot female friends on social media. I abruptly ended it and wish him all the best. I do still think of him. My first and no one has made a last impression like he did!!!

    1. All Leo Woman…41
      Your comments I have read Is the Best that’s been written in my Humble opinion… Some posts made Leo women weak, intimidated and passive when it comes to dating a scorpio man… I don’t live my life according to the stars.. But the Bright and Morning Star.. But with that being said Every Word how on how you discerned your Leo Woman is Me… All day Everyday.. And if more Scorpio Men learned how to be in a relationship and truly want to know a Real Loudness it would be Heaven on Earth each and every day… I just started dating a Scorpio Man a month ago and if he keep displaying the traits you commented on about those men… He is Really go to Loose Thee Best Person who has been in his world in this season… You Really described a True Lioness… And if he doesn’t get that Soon.. I will Bow Out Gracefully…. No Doubt..
      Thank You

  57. Im a Scorpio Male, and I fell for a Lioness. I count myself extremely lucky, seeing that Ive been with a Leo before (it was hell…) but my Baby is a different breed of Leo, and I can confess that I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I love her so much it hurts. One second away from her feels like an eternity… I see many Leos write about their Scorps needing alone time – I dont understand it. I hate being away from her. Recently I destroyed what we had with my terrible temper, my jealousy and obnoxiousness…she did what Leo ladies do, and ended it respectfully. The two weeks we were seperated was awful. I fell apart. I became a different man, and I couldnt stop trying to regain her love…it was a mash up of heartache, anger and regret. I lost it completely…in only 2 weeks. She never contacted me back, and I thought she never cared (how stupid of me) but when I finally saw her again I could see the same anguish that I felt in her beautiful eyes. I knew she loved me! She allowed me back into her life, and I knew, its time to stop the bullshit, and time to fight for the only person who really knows me and proved she is there, no matter what! I want to tell Scorpios this: Finding the right Leo WILL change your life! Cherish her, if she slips away, you will know real pain. You will feel a yearning inside you that resembles a hole in your heart that nothing can fill, except her love. Listen to your Leo, she knows whats best for you, even if you think you know better. Dont try to get her attention with entertaining other females, it hurts Leos. They are proud, and they struggle to forget embarresment and betrayal. Defend her, but dont smother her. Let her cheer you up in dark times, she wants to laugh and be cheery, and negativity will only incite arguments. Dont think your sexual advantage, mysterious ways or games you play will make her stay. Leos are strong enough to let you go, no matter how much they love you. Listen to her, spoil her, treat her right. Dont question her love the whole time. Take a closer look and youll see her love in everything she does for you, because for her actions matter. So do what you say! I got a second chance, and I work hard to change, every day, she deserves it. You wont find anything similar to what she can offer. Trust me, if you change, so will she (Not that she needs to) Back off when things go askew between you two. I can go on and on. To my loving Leo, my courageous Little kitten baby , Im here. I wont hurt you or cheat. I love you, Im yours. I am crazy about you, just the way you are. Thank you for seeing things in me I couldnt see in myself, and elevating me to new levels. Guys, never let her go… she cant be replaced. xxx

  58. I’ve been in a relationship with a Leo man for 5 years, before that, we were best friends for six years, we broke up last year but this year we are back together. The year that we were separated was one of the worst years, emotionally. It’s as though I always crave him, physically, mentally, emotionally.. the works. There is always sparks. We have such a strong connection and magnetic pull towards each other, that even when we weren’t together last year, I only wanted him, only had eyes for him. It’s a thrilling experience, all of the emotions that only he can stir up in me, yet when it comes to everyone else they are always so blah. My leo loves the spotlight, he craves the attention, which was one of the reasons that caused problems because I am not a spotlight person. I believe me being at medical school abroad played into it as well, but no matter what we went through, what obstacle we faced, the love I have for my leo has never dwindled for a moment.

  59. Am feeling so good reading these comments! I would like to see more comments of the leomale about the scorp do.

    Im mad over a leo man! Pfff this love is very complicated! We both single but it seems like we are afraid of letting eachother in. The first time we kissed he said: were have you been all my life! First time we had sex he said: he knew it was going to be like this! The lovemaking is super! I just cant get enough of him and we go on for hours! I want to keep him in my life, but it seems like he is afraid to get to close to me. Like he feels insecure because im so independed and have much more going for me than him. I just want him to let go off all that and be happy with me. We see like once in 2 week time, he is always on my mind! Soon as i see him, he litterly rips my clothes off wich i fakking love! He can dominate, and i allowe it turn me on! Pffff PLS LEOMALE S WHAT DO YOU THINK/FEEL ABOUT SCORPIOWOMAN

  60. I am a Leo man who was once madly in love with a scorpio woman. I can honestly say that there was an unseen magnetic force that was obsessive and addicting to our relationship. We constantly rode the wave between love and hate. When it was bad it was ugly and when it was good, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The problem was the infidelity of my scorpio. There were numerous others but I always took her back. I loved her too much. The final straw was one particular fight and she got in contact with an old flame who emanated nothing but dark energy. This completely changed who she was and later I had found out that she had been seeing him for over a year. And after I caught them and she told me she was sorry it continued for another 6 months until I had had enough. I never learned any details from her but from my own devices. They had gotten involved in drugs and illegal activities and some of the things they would do and plot against me were truly evil. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but i left and have had no contact since.

  61. I am beyond obsessively in love with my Leo man! He is the air I breathe and the most confident, compassionate, perfect specimen I have ever been romantically involved with!

    As a Scorpio woman, I am always up for a challenge. It’s not often, someone or something can grab my attention for longer than a second before I become bored. But this man has done it! Everyday is a challenge! Everyday is exciting! Everyday is scary! But, damn does he keep me on my toes! With a crazy love like ours, you never know if one or the other is going to be a pussy cat or something spawned from Satan’s ass.

    For eight years I watched my tasty cakes, from afar, date friends of mine whilst I dated his friend. We had an immediate attraction, yet we played these mind games with each other and ourselves to ensure we couldn’t stand one another. As if to say, “don’t go there!” He was off limits, and so was I. GO THERE! Five years of toying with our emotions, and we had had enough. One taste of each other, and BOOM! Passion, mind blowing inescapable passion! The sex, the conversation, the wit, the laughter, the screaming, the fights, the making up, the make up SEX, and most importantly, the SEX–all of it passionate and all consuming.

    Three years down the road, he still makes me feel all of the above. A Leo has the ability to put on a show and pretend he has everything under control, and he is the center of his and your world. As Scorpios know, we are the center of the universe. Magnetic, beautiful, powerful, mysterious, sexual, non conforming universe with 50+ shades of f*cked up emotion. We need depth and we need to experience all of our emotions in every aspect of our waking day. Initially, I thought, this guy has the emotional depth of a butter knife-always laughing, smiling, care free, oblivious to the world around him. Now, I have seen every high and low of his courageous yet tormented soul. He is a cave of wonders! He treats me like a goddess and I worship the ground he walks on. (WORSHIP?! What the–a Scorpio worship someone other than themselves?)

    It’s not in my nature to step aside and let someone else bask in all of their glory. But a Leo needs to, has to! If you want to keep your Leo man you MUST set yourself and all of your psycho Scorpio issues to the side and pay attention to him. boost him and his ego. HE NEEDS IT! You don’t need a damn thing because you’re stronger than any sign in the zodiac because you are self aware.(Yhe excessive thing and analysis of every second of every minute!) You, Scorpio woman, know you can overcome anything. Once we hit rock bottom, it’s easy for us to brush that shit off, pretend like it never happened and keep truckin’. So, when you and your lion fight, know when to back off, but don’t stay silent for too long. It will destroy him. He will wait, not forever, but he will wait for you to call because he doesn’t want to feel forgotten. Stubborn jackass. You have pride, he knows that. It’s part of your allure. Drop the Pride and ego and make that Leo know you have his back: you fought, it’s over, you’re both sorry and he’s the only man in the world you want. He will be putty in your hands.

    Every bit of energy I have put into my relationship is worth it. My only regret is not getting to him sooner. If you’re at your wits end and you feel like there is a lack of respect, don’t throw in the towel. Tell him. If there’s one thing a Leo knows, its respect. And he’ll respect your request for respect ?. Most of all, be as honest as you can. (I know As a Scorpio, there is a lot to hide and keep to yourself.) Leos, like Scorpios, can sense a liar. I know when and if we end it, (i hope never), it will be the most irreversible, irreparable, heart wrenching break up in the world. Do not take your Leo man for granted! If he gave you his heart, He will love you deeper than any man you have ever known! He will give you chance after chance, but when his mind is made up, and you have made of fool of him, his pride will never allow him to forgive himself or you for all of the wasted time and chances. Do not be your usual self destructive self with the Leo, Scorp! Lighten up, loosen up, laugh it up, and let him show you the good time you so secretly desire.

    Lots of luck!

  62. My Leo man and I (Scorpio female) have been on the rollercoaster ride. When we first met, instant chemistry… OMG, like no other. We’re both very intense and passionate towards each other. Sex is just AMAZING, Nobody has ever done me like he has before… nobody but me has ever blew his mind either. Lol BUT, in the beginning, he cheated on me with his X (taurus) and they have kids together. So they still communicate and she’s very jealous of me and has tried to break us up, bc she wants him back. Idk, I am so possessive and HE IS MINE! He is very selfish and thinks about himself, he puts his needs before me. But no matter how much I hate him for the past and how he makes me feel… He is the only one who can kiss me and calm my storm. He tells me over and over, that he loves me and if he wanted to be with her, he would be. Doesn’t matter if he says it until he’s blue in the face, that trust is gone… You did it to me before, what says you wouldn’t do it again? I just don’t know how to change this and make things better… No matter how hard I try to hold things back, I end up snapping and it keeps on getting worse. He can’t take his son fishing, without me accusing him of doing it bc she doesn’t want me to be apart of his son’s life in that way. We fight one day and the next, it’s like we have never fought in the three years that we’ve been together and everything is perfect, we’re madly in love! He just doesn’t get it, I can still feel the exact way I felt, the day he broke my heart… Anything small, can trigger those emotions. And I become so moody… Just no matter what, I can’t leave him and he won’t leave me… There’s this magnetic attraction that’s truly addicting. He is my drug, as I am his. So idk how I can change my way of thinking or change his… I just wish he could live in my shoes and see what he put me through, just maybe he would understand and be a little more sensitive to my needs and wants. Uggghh

  63. My Leo and I live in the same state but a few hours away. I’ve known him for about 8 years and the first time I saw him I felt this strong vibe between us although I rarely said a word. I was really young…still in high school when I first met him. A couple years later we got in touch through social media, and through txt which made me fall for him. When I expressed my feelings towards him he mentioned how he didn’t feel the same and although it sucked i just continued being his friend and shortly lost contact with him for a good 3 years until recently he came back into my life out of the blue and I felt indifferent about him and didn’t care much when he texted me and at times wouldn’t even reply but he came to visit me and shortly expressed how he has feelings for me and I started feeling the same way I felt before. we have been talking for a little over a year now and we call each other babe and make plans to hang out and FaceTime occasionally which is great but sometimes my Leo male makes me sad because I feel as if he doesn’t understand me nor does he care to understand me. Although he can be supportive I feel as if his pride stops him from saying things he truly means. As a Scorpio I get the whole stubbornness thing , but I often change my point of view on things since I highly empathize, and that’s something I feel Leo’s lack. Empathy. When I’m going through something a part of me wants to tell him but for the most part I don’t want to mention anything , for I feel he wouldn’t make things better but only make me feel like I shouldn’t be feeling the way I do & dismiss my feelings, which would male me feel as if he doesn’t care. I hate feeling vulnerable and insecure and I know they hate that…so at times I act like I’m perfectly okay or feel like I’m really confident in myself. I know for a fact Leo’s love and protect the ones they truly care about. but I feel like to get there is a long journey. At times I feel like I’m not as important to him as he is to me. I like to have time to myself so I’m not constantly hogging him…but scorpios tend to be deep and emotional, and have constant changes of mood/emotions and I feel Leo’s are complete opposites and they will never understand us. I usually dislike giving people a lot of attention but I go out of my way to text him and ask him questions so he sees i care and I never know whether it’s something he appreciates or is annoyed by..We have our great moments and he can be really sweet at times & I want to be with him I’m just scared of giving my 100 percent to someone who I feel doesn’t see the greatness in me, because he doesn’t really express it therefore I’m never sure how he really feels. I have a tough time also expressing feelings but if I knew he wasn’t taking this as a joke and appreciated me i would do anything possible to make him happy regardless of my ego and stubbornness but I guess we’re both waiting to see if we really feel the same towards each other so we’re stuck. Our egos get in the way. I think we just need to spend time together and focus on our needs but long distance makes things 10 times more difficult. I’m rooting for us. We’ll see how this goes. I want this Leo.

  64. Hi guys,

    I have been following this site for some time and it gives me consolation but also pain as it reminds me of my own past. I generally dont talk about personal things on the Internet but feel.. that writing my experience has some kind of therapeutic value. Maybe it will also help others in a Leo Scorpio relationship. I met my scorpio queen a few years ago and there was a magnetic Connection instantly. I never had that ebfore. 3 Years ago I told her about the strong feelings I have for her and that she is the only one I would do anything for. She cried but said that she didnt have any feelings for me. I was so hurt but accepted it allthough I knew she had Feelings for me. 4 months later she conatcted me that she was not well and I rushed to her. She said that she missed me a lot, just as I missed her terribly. But that was all! Then she had to move to another country for her studies and contacted me some months later that I should come and visit her as a friend. That made me quite angry asshe knew what I felt for her. I told her I want her heart but she again said that she has no Feelings for me. I really felt terrible and said bad things to her, which I regret. After that she kept her distance although I tried everything to get her back. This was also very diffcult for me as I can also be very sutbborn but I realized that my stubbornness would never make me happy as much as she would. Even though I tried really hard she suddenly told me that we shouldnt stay in contact as I have too strong feelings for her. This was 2 years ago since then my life has never been the same. I miss her so much and I have days were I dont know how to bear the pain in my heart anymore. I know she willl never come back to me but I know that I was made for her as she was made for me… If you ever find your scorpio/Leo, fight for her and dont let her go and loose her as I did!

    1. Its true, scorpio women are not worth it for a leo man. They dont appreciate the leo mans qualities and are not honest to them. They just enjoy the chase. Leos deserve something better!

  65. Omg this is amazingly true! I am a Scorpio women in love with a Leo women and we can’t get enough of each other. We are definitely attached like magnets. We just can’t seem to let go and the sex is AMAZING!!!!!

  66. Let me tell you something about Leos. Not all men are the same just as all scorpios are different. Me personally I take it on the chin. Scorpios on the other hand know exactly how to get under the skin of people. Manipulation, black mail and sex as well. Leo people know very well the game of a little scorpio playing hard ball, giving the silent treatment, bursting out in anger, turning words against you, etc. Im sorry, I find it so funny how Scorpio woman are supposed to be secretive but there actions say it all which makes them predictable. For that reason they are afraid to open up because deep down as much as they thing they are perfect they arn’t. In a relationship Leos have to put up with a lot especially when the little Scorpio threatens to leave but and guess what, She doesn’t, she comes running back for redemption because she knows no one will accept her like a Leo will, and a leo so stupid I am, will forgive her because I like her for who she is and also the fact that I doesn’t like not being able to finish what I started. Were both in for the long run but sometimes were walking, crawling, running and in worst time we both play dead. Not to say there are no good times. Anyone can stay when the times are good but a leo and scorpio relationship is a test only for the brave hearted. Fragile minds have no chance handling the intensity of a scorpio woman or being able to live up to her expectations and isolated scorpios have no chance of enjoying a Leos magnetism. Keep loyal to your partners and stop running away over arguments. As much as both of the signs act like they don’t care, believe me they care too much but PRIDE and EGO blind them both to realise it.

    To my Leo mate that is fooled to think he’s found the one and only soul mate in a Scorpio woman, She’s string you along…cut that woman of, She doesn’t deserve you positive love. My man you can do better, Scorpio women will just get your trousers tighter if you know what I mean ;), you don’t want that, you want that wiffy you can trust to leave on her own, you can do that with Scorpios, they will kick you on the ground when they see your on your knees and make it out as you were already on the ground, them Scorpio girls have deep secrets man, although I know you can handle them because your love is just as deep but It’s not worth it…Find yourself a nice Libra chick, them girls stay loyal and will help you put your life back together in a positive way. Scorpio chicks are too depressing and always think the worst of every situation. So stay calm, make your money, live your life and kick her out…Your life will get better,. 🙂 Peace

    To my Scorpio sisters reading this…Truth Hurts lol

  67. This all has me astounded pbecause I’ve never believed intp any of these Zodiac sign belief however, it’s blowing my mind lately. I’m Leo male and I’m falling fast with a Scorpio and I want to make claims on this Scorpion as I’m as intrigued as if I am a teenager falling for the first time ,and this is not like me at all . It’s something about this scorpion that has my mind caught up. I’m a Leo and I mean a Leo in every sense of the word, I feel brand new and exhilarated and I believe the possibilities are infinite for some reason and it just so happens to be spring and I’m loving it, I just have to remind myself to remember to slow down. Because in my heart and mind they are already mine . I’m going to make this Scorpion belong to me. Could It Be I’m in love LOL but seriously though . I’m truly feelin You, even though you won’t read this you know where you are. ?

  68. Honestly, I’m a Leo and my on and off boyfriend is a Scorpio. I’ve also read online that Leo’s and Scorpio’s aren’t “compatible” and truth is, for a long term relationship, I don’t know if they are. With the type of Leo I am, and with the type of Scorpio my on and off boyfriend is, we just always fight. Yeah, we make-up. But for me, I tend to hold grudges and I’m kind of unfair when it comes to arguing. Honestly, I always get upset too fast and I don’t wait to work it out. I just go. So many times we’ve broken up but then asked to try again.

    I want to pretend that he and I can be forever or some random shit from a cheesy ass movie, but I know we aren’t because we’re just human.

    Sometimes I think Scorpios and Leos are just too similar. Because of that, it makes them hard to be compatible. They say opposites attract, huh.

    Better go find myself a Gemini;)

  69. I never actually thought about Leo’s being compatible with Scorpios, I myself am a scorpio female and met a Leo guy quite recently and felt an instant connection I could not stop looking at him he just seemed so interesting and even though i doubt anything will ever happen I was happy to meet him he made me feel more joyful in that moment.

  70. I’m a leo woman and I am going through this “i need space” situation right now. This is my love story with my love-scorpio man.

    (Warning: 10minute read)
    Back then in june 2013, i was the one who approached him at a club through a common friend. We exchanged facebook, and then he asked me on a date. There goes on a week of intense txting and calling. He also visited me at m, parents house and so on. After a month of courting, we slept together. It was mindblowing and passionate. i told him right after that, that I don’t play games and that he’s my boyfriend already and i’m his gf. He was so happy. Since he worked abroad for the next two years of our relationship being in town fri-sun only, he gave me a spare key so I can stay at his apartment since he’s not around the whole week. He told me one night that he thinks he loves me with a smitten face(after 4months of dating) That was so crazy since i wanted to tell him the same at that moment. But he told me first. I was so happy.

    Thinking about back then, i can remember times when he’s being jealous and so on, but i told him he’s the only one. I met his family and friends after a couple of months of dating. We always went to his family gatherings, i also meet up with his mom alone, and he was happy i’m getting along with her. And then he had to go back in town for indefinitely due to work on June 2015. His routines of mon-fri abroad was gone. I felt it threw him off track. He was not motivated to work, started late work until late night. Then another issue was how to cope up with too much togetherness, it was hard but we managed to talk things through. As i have a Cancer in my Venus, i maybe managed to be always calm when approaching him about certain issues. I always see to it he’s gonna be able to tell me what he feels and that we will talk about it like grownups. He got back to his sports and work routine. Everything was fine. But then I lost my job in Dec2015. That threw me off track.

    Afterour big vacation in January2016, it was still fine, he told me i dont have to give him anything to cover up rent, but i insisted. I went on with my life, using the time to do things that i wanted to do but couldnt do when doing full time job. But then he suddenly changed. He got sadder and sadder and by the time he celebrated his birthday (Nov2016) he had to go on sick leave. He started visiting a therapist. It turned out he got bipolar disorder. He stopped going with me to my friends activities. And then on feb2016, the wife of his bestfriend died. They all grew up together. He didnt cry, but I cried that day. He didnt cry for a week. The day at the funeral, thats when i saw him cry for the first time. He was devastated.

    I went to travel a lot these few months. February for a week, march for a week, then april for a week. I really didnt want to go on with travelling in march a few days after the funeral because i know how devastated he was and i wanted to be there for him. When i was away, he texted me that he misses me and he said he always misses me but he misses me more that day than the usual days. I felt an ache in my heart. I regret that i left him. When i came back he told me he met up with the deceased’ bestfriend
    (a girl). He said he needed to talk to someone about how hard his situation is because he cant tell it to me because it will only hurt me(depression). He said if he tells it to that girl, and if he hurts that girl, it wouldnt matter to him because she’s not important anyway. and that he made it clear that she’s only a friend (we managed to be honest with each other, always telling him everything, for i want him to tell me ever,thing as well). I told him, its not about that I’m afraid he’s gonna fall in love with her, but i told him: “sometimes, when you show your vulnerable side to a woman, women will be smitten because they fall in love with vulnerable guys”.

    We talked after two weeks and he bursts into tears, telling me that i should stay at my friends’ or parents so he can figure out his feelings because he cant trust it anymore. He doesnt even know if pushing me away is the thought of his normal brain. He was so confused. He said he loves me so much and that I am the best girl that he met in his life and the thing that he cannot stand is watching me being sad when he cannot give me the attention i needed. And then we talked and cried. And that happenend again after a week. And last time, i cried to him and told him that I am hurting and that maybe the best way is to be apart. I then left to meet a friend and he texted me afterwards and told me that he loves me, he’ll gonna do his best one day at a time and that he loves me (again). The next day, that’s when I asked him what is wrong (calmly) and he said its too much, and that i am expecting too much and he cant give it to me. So I calmly told him this is it then. He said he doesnt want to split up. He just needs time to heal. He just doesnt know how long. I can always come back to get things, i still have the key. My sis picked me up and when everything that i needed (half of my belongings) were packed, i told him: “well, this is it, i’m done packing” ..and suddenly, tears flowed down his face while i was talking which made me stopped. and then he embraced me so hard and we then murmurred each other “i love you”. I came back after 2 hours for i forgot some things. There he was standing, hanging up my new washed clothes, the dishwasher was on, and he already did some grocery and i was like, huh? I was just away for two hours! And he smiled and said, “maybe i’m getting crazy”. And then i hugged him and told him i’m so proud of him. Then he asked why, i told him “you washed my clothes!!” And then he laughed. Then i asked if we should kiss, and he said yeah probably… And then i said, there you could use the shoe rack, its empty anyway. He said no, he doesnt need to fill up the empty space for when i come back, he doesnt want moving things again.

    That was last week tuesday. Yesterday (monday) I went to his apartmet to get some important papers and he wasnt there. But then after an hour he came through the door with a grocery. It was kinda awkward.. he seemed so calm and vulnerable like a child. He said hello and kissed me and asked me how long have i been there. I wanted to hug him and tell him i’m here for him. I told him i want to feel him. There was this kind of electricity sparks between us. And he said he feels the same way too And then we had the most passionate mind blowing love-making ever. It is really true that body language never lie. I felt how much he loves me. Afterwards, we got dressed and he has to tell work that hes still on sick leave and so on and that his ear hurts, and that it was the wrong earphone that arrived and that i’m there. He said why does everything has to happen IN A DAY.. I told him calmly to take it one by one and he can then relax because i’m leaving anyway. He looked at me with a frown and said “it has nothing to do with you”.. but i interruptrd him and smiled while replying : “BABY I know, dont worry about me. Even I dont understand what you are feeling right now, i will respect it ok? So dont worry about me. i’m fine.” …..And then he smiled. He said if I ever had the thought of going out with a guy because he’s cute, then I should tell him. I answered “dont be so ridiculous! A relationship is not like changing a shirt! I went on to leave and then he hugged me. I told him I love him, and he whispered I love you too.

    I decided not to text him although he told me i can check on him once in a while but not too often, because i realized i need time for myself too. I have to find myself as well. We’ll see what will happen then. After a long week of self reflection, i just thought about it now how desperately a space is needed for both of us. I know he just doesnt want to hurt me about his situation.

    I kept on thinking about him everyday, I know we are both hurting, but we need this. i know he loves me and i love him too. We went through a lot in the past few years and I’m just still beginning to know him. I am changing for the best for me because he opened my eyes. This is the most intense relationship I ever had.

    I didnt even know i will ever learn that LOVE is about sharing love. Not taking them. Love is not selfish. Love is patient. Love is understanding. Love is honest. Love is letting go. You cannot expect your happiness from your partner. You have to find happiness in yourself so you can share it.

    “You cannot expect a food in a microwave to turn out like a gourmet”.

    – Leo sun cancer venus in a madly in love relationship with Scorpio sun libra venus.

  71. K love the leo scropio stories …I’m new to this since I’m a Scropio female who’s been dating a beautiful Gemini man for seven years but felt very overlooked and unappreciated by …. I still really love him but really needed to set myself free of all the negative baggage ….2017 on the first Wednesday, I’m at this club in Vegas called one Oak. I was literally getting ready to leave when my Leo’s cousin offers to buy me and my friend and drink then comes my leo tipsy and happy as what grabbing me by waist…we danced and I really felt his vibe and confidence..he then bit me on my nipple which was crazy I wanted to slap him but I didnt…I never got his number and he never got mine but I wanted to see him again . So I started believing in that we would meet again
    My pisces princess of a best friend didn’t want to let me know she still had his cousin number guess she was routing for me and Gemini…she eventually gave it to me. I texted his cousin and seconds later received a text from Mr Leo he remembered me and said the reason he didn’t get my number is because he wanted to respect my gemini boyfriend at the time but o ce I told him about Gemini’s bad behave it was crazy because he had received the same mistreatment from his Tarus ex …long story short I broke up with Gemini.Leo gave me the strength and honest insight and Honestly I wanted him. Two weeks after meeting he drove down from. Cali where he lived to Vegas …we went on are first date and where drooling all over each other sorry for the graphics ….but we went hiking, them drove to the mall where we made out then later he fingered me in the car while we drove to get burgers and later we made love in my car and later again after drinks walking around the casion hand in hand we fucked againi. The car…he really felt like I was the one but things got complicated because Gemini wasn’t done with me and was flying from Texas to Vegas for the first time to prove our love wasn’t a joke and to meet my family for the first time. Honestly I regretted having sex with leo so soon…and then I tried to deny my Gemini​ but it was really hard and confusing when I felt like my body now belonged to Leo but pRt of me still belonged to Gemini…to be continued

    1. Ok so to continue the story …I told Leo everything, well he was pissy because I ingored him…he had actually came out for a second date before my gemini ex came through and he knew he was coming …Leo had actually canceled our original date plans and we honesty had a horrible time because he had brought his best girl friend who likes him I had wondered if they fucked but he didn’t seem into her like that but it was obvious she hated my guts
      ….I cried that night I. Front of him because I had to sit in the back sit of his friend car while he drive and she was in the passenger and are dinner plans for Valentine’s pre weekend had almost fell through if I hadn’t gone Dutch with him ….we has sex that night after dinner and then he ran off to the club ..I didn’t want to go after feeling cheated out of a real date…anyhow that. Oming Tuesday my ex came in town and before I picked him up I called my leo man and told him I was so stressed …I did t know how I could really deal with this because I wanted to be loyal to my leo even if I was a little pissed but Gemini had so much history it was Inevitable that we’d get physical plus Gemini brought out all his stops from rose petals to unlimited amount of oral pleasure…I felt bad I ngorned leo but I couldn’t really do much with gem briefing down my neck trying to repossesse me ….. To be continued

  72. So to wrap it all up I told my leo that me and ex had sex he asked my the strangest question…”did he cum on you” idk he said he didn’t want any surprises it seemed like he was still willing to have a relationship together but he stopped being as sweet he we didn’t even video chat like we had always done from the beginning…..honestly I wanted to please my leo so badly from start big and small things but I had told him where I was with my ex he said he would wait and let me come to my conclusion in due time …let’s just say I had another fling with Gemini out of town my leo found out and he called it foul we kept are distance and I said we’d be better friends because o couldn’t give him the commitment he wanted from me and Honestly he had faded out on his chivilary and seemed like he didn’t care at all but Everytime I mentioned friendship it seemed like he would elude to us being more and ingorne what I had to say about being in the friend zone …I really wanted to make things right with him I at least wanted to mend things and be friends …its all crazy because he ended up moving to vegas, when we hangout for the first time after all this we had sex but he rarely returns my text and never calls me …its all interesting though I can’t totally read him which is crazy because I asked him if I was just a booty call to h and he asked me why do I keep asking that because we barely talk and doesn’t open up to me the same way I can tell he’s holding back….we still link up week to week we were just together holding hands in the car from a car ride to Cali and cuddling ….I might had been a bitch T the end of things because he wasn’t talking but was he was just tired….idk I’m head over heels for my leo and I had to tell my Gemini​ to step back even though I really care for him it’s Leo that I want.

  73. I’m a scorpio woman who, a month ago, left her husband because of this insane love for a leo man. I’ve never felt anything like it, tbh I didn’t think feelings like this existed. When I first saw him I thought ‘oh sh!t’ because it hit me like a thunderbolt. We couldn’t keep away from each other, we just found each others company inexhaustible. At Christmas he told me how he felt, and it was a relief but so sad as I knew I needed to focus on my marriage, so we tried to kill the feelings. But they wouldn’t go, and every time I saw him I felt euphoric and also heart broken. We didn’t even kiss. In the end I had to tell my husband I was in love with someone else, which was awful. Then I left. I already loved my leo in a way I’d never known before, but after the first kiss it was like BAM, another level, and then after sex, oh my god…. the connection between us changed my world. I don’t know what the future will be like now. I can see how some big power clashes could happen, and we are both v stubborn. But right now, when I’m round him, it’s like the whole world disappears and I feel both lost and found.

  74. Found the love of my life with a scorpio male when I turned 39. We were both married. He couldn’t leave his wife for me. We stayed together for over 4 years. It ended extremely badly. He didn’t even try to pursue me after his wife found out about us. He is dedicated to her and she is an aquarius. I thought he was the love of my life but he apparently didn’t feel the same. I miss him every single day and it’s been a year since our relationship blew up and came to a dead stop.
    We had the most passionate, sensual, soul connecting relationship between two people. I’m a dedicated Leo and I was ready to leave my marriage for him. I would have never of cheated on my husband as that is not in my nature but I knew and felt this Scorpio was my soul mate… I thought I had found the ONE! I was wrong and now I am doing what I can to fix my marriage but I will never feel the love I had for my Scorpio lover with my husband. It was as if fate brought us together but his wife pulled us apart. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
    The last words he said to me were that he never wants to hear from me again. Funny how a Leo can love someone so deeply and the Scorpio male destroys her. I will never be the same. He was the love of my life.

  75. I read most of these comments and they related so much to me. I am a leo woman and I have become friends again with a guy from work he is a scorpio. I really like him so much I had from the first time I saw him years ago. It is true like the other comments have said. I also feel a magnetic draw to want to be around him and know more about him. I am very attracted to him. A few years back I was friends with him there was a time I asked him if he liked me cause he would be flirting with me and making me think that he liked me as more. I confessed to him that I liked him. I went so far as to tell him that he turned me on. He asked me what I wanted and I told him whatever he would like. Which made me think he was interested. The thing is that I am married he knew that, I was always honest with him and I tried telling him of the problems in my marriage and that I wasn’t happy before I had this conversation with him. I think he chickened out personally. I was very surprised that he didn’t say anything to HR from me telling him he turned me on cause he had this talk at work.and I didn’t want that to be seen as sexual harassment for telling him how I felt. Well in February we started talking to each other again. This time around he is so much nicer and happier. I don’t think he was in a good place in his life years back. This time around he is flirting again and when we went to a game with some people from work he was hanging around me instead of with his buddies and followed me when I went to get ice cream (just me and him, he looked at me and got up so I know it was no coincidence). Also doing favors, like giving me a $10 discount when I bought something from him and saying it was “special you pricing.” He gave me his # and told me to txt him about coming down to his house although he wasn’t there. The next day he said he was sorry he missed me and couldn’t be there when I came over like he was disappointed. I have also caught him looking at me. The one time he was standing nearby like checking me out until I turned around a little and noticed him and he had a big grin and waved at me and I waved back. I don’t want to play games if he likes me I’d like him to say something regardless if I am married or not to get it off his chest. He has to remember what I had said to him the last time we tried to be friends. I don’t want to make a fool out of myself twice, but he has to know that my feelings haven’t changed cause when I am around him I get nervous, heated and start blushing a bit when I talk to him I can’t help it. There is chemistry between both of us we just have to be open about it and move on from there. I don’t want to lose him in my life again. I told him I like talking with him. I will continue to be his friend trying my best to keep cool around him. It is so hard to hide your feelings for someone when you want to be with them. I must be crazy to like him, but it has to be a magnetism that is drawing us back together.

  76. I need help! I am a Leo Male. And have been hanging out with an incredible, mind blowing female Scorpio. The connection is there. She always makes time for me. Always replys and hold a conversation. But we have not breached intimacy yet. I would love some tips or feelings on how to show her that I haven’t friend zoned her. Best way to approach a Scorpio??

    1. I’m a Scorpio woman. If she’s responding and giving her time, she may secretly like you too. It’s all or nothing. I’m thinking she’s waiting for you to make the first move. Hug and ask for a kiss lol.

  77. I’m a Scorpio and I dated a Leo man for 2 years. Every aspect of the relationship was amazing except I couldn’t get past his lying. I did so much for him but he never recognized or appreciated me for it. I would do anything for that man, but he eventually started seeking attention from strangers on a hookup app, so that was the last straw and I left him. There is definitely a strong attraction between us both and the relationship was never boring. I definitely think he was an unevolved Leo, because he could be very childish and stubborn.

  78. Im a leo woman and I have liked a scorpio since 8th grade.. Right now I am in high school, eleventh grade, however we never did anything about it. If you are reading this, I want to let you know that I liked you a lot , and I know you did too. It sucks that we never did anything about it.. all because of our ego and personalities (scorpio and leo am i right). We are so different yet I though we were meant to be. Yes, it sounds cringey, but its true, i had really strong feelings for you that I have never had for anyone, nor I ever will. your eyes are truly mesmerizing and made me melt. I loved your eyes. (such a scorpio) I loved how you were before getting into high school, I miss the hug you gave me, your jealousy ( u were so cute making that face) , your laugh,.. but now you are so conceited (scorpio he had to be) and different. I hate that. i hated hearing about a girl and u in hoco, but trust me it didn’t as much as i thought it would. i loved you, i loved how different you were, i loved how you didn’t give a fuck of what ppl said, i loved you for who you used to be. Now, that love is just fading and dying..By the time you might read this, we are probably already in college… Im in UCLA (hopefully) and you are in another college. All I can say is I was sad to see you go, we had been going to school together since elementary, hope you have fun in college. Remember i always liked u, i always will remember cherish my love for you scorpio boy.
    -and this guys, is the story of a leo and a scorpio who fell in love, but never fought for their true love.

    1. man i feel so bad for you girl. I had such a similar situation its insane. I liked this guy since middle school. he wasn’t that popular back then, he only had two friends. such a sweet and kind guy, adorable, funny and all around an amazing person. I loved being his friend, but soon i came to realize that I started to get feelings for him. I think he noticed and I think he started to like me. But stupid high school came along, he changed, puberty hit him like BUS like damn. puberty never hit me, i am still waiting. he might have become more attractive but his heart started to get less and less attractive. I still liked him, i thought that he could change (typical higschool girl i know) junior year came around, we already were growing apart, but this year i barely ever saw him. i was ok with it though. i had begun to get feelings for another guy, who wasn’t a scorpio thank god. from what i heard, the scorpio dude was an ignorant and selfish dude. i also heard he began talking with another girl, gd, and ended up getting her feelings hurt!! like wtf!! he is not mature and he will take long to do so! he needs to grow up and honestly idk how he has a gf right now. ill say it rn, they won’t last. she’s a girl and he’s a d***, thats not a match at all. she deserves better. i noticed he still started at me tho, that is not what anyone should do especially if they are going out w someone. but i decided to ignore him. i sometimes accidentally make eye contact, but i do that a lot w everyone. oops. anyways, if that dude ever reads this, I’m screwed. but i kind of don’t give a shit. he thinks he’s all cool, but yo, he aint shit. we all deserve better. it’ll be funny if we end up meeting again in the future, but i doubt it because i will make it my mission to block him out of my life completely. thank u, next.

  79. Greetings Beautiful Beings! I am a Leo woman currently dating an awesome Scorpio man. We have known each other for 22 years now. His dad was my dad’s superior in the military, so we grew up together and looked at each other like family. He’s about 6 years my senior so we weren’t that close growing up but we always kept in contact. Throughout our adolescent and teen years, we both had moments where we drew each other in and felt the magnetic pull between our beings but never acted on it. We recently started hanging and realized we were both like-minded and held the same beliefs on spirituality, Consciousness and the Universe. He is a very handsome man, and I’m a pretty lady so the physical attraction is definitely there. Deep conversations that flow effortlessly, soul soothing laughter, and intense passion is what we experience every time we are in each other’s presence. Altho a bit standoffish, he is very attentive to my needs and makes me feel like the Queen I am. Mysterious and secretive yes, a little jealousy and possessiveness yes, but as a Lady Leo I eat it all up! He melts at my charismatic and charming ways and I am addicted to his hypnotizing gaze, soulful and sultry tone and alpha male demeanor. I love the bond we have formed and altho it’s only been three months since we’ve been getting to know each other on an intimate level, it’s the only relationship where everything flows so natural from our conversation to our touches, oh those touches LOL! Needless to say the sex is simply amazing! Can’t get enough of each other, but what we have goes much deeper than sex. My twin flame without a doubt and I am so blessed to give all my love to such a deserving, beautiful soul. Undress your heart and let me peek at your soul, handle with care as we grow old.

  80. Scorpio woman with a Leo man. My leo seems selfish, possessive, and very jealous and I’m the total opposite of that, is it weird for a Scorpio to never get jealous and be possessive? We’re both ambiverts we both like our privacy but I feel like I need more time to be by myself or hang out with friends from time to time and he finds it odd that he starts telling me about his ex’s how they would give him attention and they would have sex everyday and I’m just like whatever about it. Then when it comes to arguments oh my god, he pushes my buttons something I hate when people do because when I’m irritated I say what I mean and mean what I say but when he’s irritated he says it out of anger. Recently, a co-worker gave me her opinion about us and she said he isn’t for me and I qoute she said “Before you were so bubbly and smiling. Now that you two made it official I hardly see that in you.” Honestly I wanted to cry when she told me that because I’m always smiling at everyone for no reason but now it’s like get the heck away from me. Other than that he’s very affectionate, he wears is heart on his sleeve, intelligent, and funny but doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Very true about the love and hate though, I hate how he irritates me makes me push myself away from him but still want him. Our relationship is still fresh but I guess I have to see how it rides out.

  81. I absolutely love this page. Im inlove with a scorpio (who is my best friend) but im very unsure about the whole “us” thing. He wants to have sex but im sill a virgin, im terrified at the thaught of doing it then messing up what we have. After reading this page i feel like it can really help our friendship if we have sex and maybe even lead to something more. I must say i find it really difficult to read him sometimes but i always understand him. im absolutely attracted to hom like a magnet

  82. Oh Leo, Leo, Leo… I just love the big cats! Being a Scorpio woman (27 yrs), I always find myself drawn to these lions. My very first bf (elementary school, LOL) was a Leo, July 25. My high school Bf was a Leo. Recently, I just broke up with another Leo bf of 6 years who also had the birthday July 25. And now, after being on Tinder for a whole 3 weeks, and the only guy I’ve met up with thus far, also has the birthday of JULY 25!! So weird. 3x a charm perhaps?
    We’ve been on a couple of dates so far, and the attraction and conversation that happens between us is on another level. Both of us recently got out of a long-term relationship so we are kind of taking it slow, which is how I want it– but wow. It almost feels as though it makes more sense this time around compared to all the other Leos that have impacted my life. Maybe I’m more evolved this time and know what I want more now which helps to fully spark the flame between us. I’m curious and excited to see where things may go between us, but so far so good though.
    What I love about Leos is that they aren’t judgey– I feel like I can tell them anything and they roll with the punches. If anything goes ‘wrong’, a heated conversation may occur which again leads to a nice & fun debate (typically). I feel like they balance out the Scorpio moods very well and give us a nice energy to be around. Even though Leos love attention and being complimented, and us Scorpios aren’t the best to support those feelings, I think the fact that we don’t give it to them so freely makes them want us more. It feels more genuine to them when we finally do stroke their ego. They like our mysterious nature, gives them something to chase– cat and mouse, IRL. They’re bold, passionate, warm and fun– exactly what I like.

  83. I have been off and on with my Scorpio Male for awhile, 5 plus years down the line I still have not the answers. We have good and bad times. He is 10 plus years older. I actually meet him at a time in my life when I needed him. Very caring and loving but the mood swings I constantly roll my eyes at. He listens that’s all I can say at this point.

  84. Leo female here (30 yo)

    Can’t believe I just effing spent 2 hrs reading through majority of these comments (& most are no offense childish immature crap with an exception of a few eloquent adults giving some good insight & advice).

    Here’s my 5 cents.
    To be with what you want – be what you want. Mirror your desired sign a bit.

    Let’s see here..

    Biggest theme with Leo’s is they are big on ego strokes but indeed they are typically most accomplished charismatic leaders everyone follows …so that head gets big for a reason.

    Amelia Earhart (first female pilot)
    Halley Berry (only black woman to win an Oscar for female leading role)
    Schwarzenegger (heavy weight champion turned a huge movie star turned politician (this was before Trump) .. How many lifetimes would it take another person to accomplish this?)
    Bill Clinton (arguably one of the best presidents in recent US history)
    I know last two are cheaters & so many Leos are unfortunately but still

    No question successful people exist everywhere but it seems Leo’s are more into pioneering (ergo true leader) & conquering against all odds in a way few have had.

    But I digress
    tho nice ego trip down the history lane for the Leo’s

    is known to be highly intellectual, focused, dominant same as us, capable of executing massive enterprises with cool control & confidence, obsessed with sex and sexual conquests are often ultimate to them, very loyal when truly connected tho

    —-His biggest desire is to truly fall in love forever & it has to be intense, in & outta bedroom, no compromises, he seeks it a lifetime but rarely finds it.
    When he does he’s the most committed and loyal partner—

    Now how do they come together?

    I feel scorpios first get hooked because they are most fascinated by leos
    Then the chase begins & ultimately Leo is considered their greatest conquest
    And to Leos they are the most persistent mysterious hard-to-resist suitor.
    And who always wins? Who perseveres.

    Now you’re together and as one guy on here put it – it’s another uphill battle.

    that said
    Scorpio + Leo is a great match
    Because as opposites we are actually quite the same & as someone with many commonalities we are completely different in going about things.

    I think that’s where ‘I see thru space & time when together’ comes from on both accounts. Almost mystical like connection.

    Nothing creates a deeper bond between two people other than when someone truly understands you (deep conversations flow effortlessly, sound familiar?)

    & nothing seals it more than sex.

    For Scorpio sex is their religion
    & Leo is considered the only sign in zodiac to give it so good no one compares.

    & there you have it.

    Now this is all very poetic then real life sets in.
    And adults make things work – because they WORK on things & great people we all admire are great at transformation. Big theme with scorpions btw.

    Fighting then fucking rinse repeat the drama is good for sitcoms & impressionable kids.
    I’d say milk the the best of this intense connection by being adults & working on yourself. Most people wont yet they want a happy ending. Transformation is the ultimate theme in life.

    Get more practical & down to earth

    Tone down saying shit you don’t really mean, less drama & more self sufficiency

    Don’t expose so much the fact that you CAN, or even worse, HAVE done better than him
    (scorpios have perhaps the most sensitive ego underneath it all & he won’t tell you but he’ll look for a way to get even. And he’ll never forget)

    Learn to execute with calm collected attitude without frequent stops for ego boost recharging.

    I hope this speaks to some of you & gives you guidance. ✌️

  85. I’ll try to make this short. I’m a 45 yr old female Scorpion. He’s a 44 year old Leo. We’ve known each other since 9th grade. I was obsessed with him in high school. He was very handsome. Not to mention, his brother was a professional baseball player so kind of famous also. He was obsessed with baseball although I was the first girl he tongue kissed! LOL Anyway, we never had sex until we were in our 20’s. I knew I could never come first and we both went away for college. By the time we did have sexual encounters, I knew not to get in too deep because he was not going to be physically available because he played baseball. Not professionally, but not in our home town. Years would go by before I would see him again. Somehow we would find each other and have a great sexual encounter. But that’s it. I would be preoccupied with something as would he. I always waned more, but knew he wouldn’t give it. About 4 years ago, he was back living in town and wanted to see me. I told him I wanted a sex partner with no strings attached. I asked if he was up to the task. He was surprised and didn’t really give me a definitive answer. His actions said no. I couldn’t understand it because that’s all he wants when he calls me anyway. So years go by which leads us to now…. He unexpectedly reached out during this Christmas season. I am at a point in my life where I want more than a friend with benefits and I told him this. But being the Leo tbd he is, it went in one ear and out the other. He continued his quest. I continued to refuse. I’ve been abstinent for 2 years and he wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear. He stopped for a few weeks then started up again this January. He was was very persistent. If I didn’t respond, he would text me, inbox me, call until I responded. He finally said we could meet up and drink some beers, shots, and throw darts. And no pressure to have sex. So I agreed to meet him. We had a great time and as I drank, my wall of course was crumbling. When the date was over and we were in his driveway, (his car was in the shop) he asked if I was coming in. He left it up to me. I was full of lust and said FUCK IT! This was the first time I felt true passion while with him. It was explosive and he did things he’s never done before and the night ended with us spooning each other throughout the night. That was Thursday. Friday I didn’t expect to hear from him. But he wanted me back over. I went and we enjoyed ourselves again and again. Went and got drinks and enjoyed ourselves some more. The next day we were like buddies and watched the play offs and movies and fell asleep on the sectional. He at one end, I at the other, our heads meeting at the corner. I left in the morning.
    Now his calls have ceased, and yesterday was the first time he texted me first and all he said was, “Hey”. I told him I was at a high school basketball game. And he never responded. I’ve reached out to him by asking to watch the play offs, going to my bar, and coming to watch the undefeated high school bball team that was close to his house. He responded, but never took me up on my offers. And btw hasn’t invited me over again. And this time I’m hooked on him like never before. Maybe because I haven’t been with a man for 2 years, or maybe because of his Leo traits. I find myself anticipating his text or call. I fantasize about him all the time. I’m a bit obsessed but not acting on it. I’m disappointed that he isn’t reaching out more which tells me he doesn’t want much from me. And I told him I want to date and this doesn’t feel like dating. Are we playing the ego game? Does he really care less about me? Should I accept what his actions tell me? That I’m not important. Am I just worrying for nothing? I feel I should just chop it up as a nice weekend and leave it at that. If anyone actually reads this, what do you think?

  86. So my story is nothing too different from the common theme of intensity, passion, and the tumultuous path these two souls embark on when bounded. As much as I’d like not to admit, I may never fall in love as much as I have fallen for this Scorpio man I met summer of 2017, and I am content with that. I was approaching my senior year in college in a New York city university and he was an economics (which helps him, or not, with his relentless indecisiveness) pHd student spending time in the city for his internship from the UK (though he’s originally from Germany). I didn’t expect anything momentous from our first meeting (yes we matched on Tinder). But from the very first time I caught him awkwardly standing outside “The Rosemont,” our bar, to the very first rounds of Moscow Mules, and to the perfectly flowing conversations we had about everything and anything, I was intrigued and slightly scared by the intensity of our connection. He was the perfect combination of mystery, sexuality, intellect, and depth with a slight tinge of bubbly qualities (which I believe is because of his moon in Sagittarius — I’m a Leo sun with a Pisces moon; I screamed when I found out about our charts’ compatibility, it was like yin and yang). From that initial meeting, he ended sleeping at my apartment but we didn’t have sex (I was too drunk). We continued seeing each other every week for the next three months and each time we do spend together is an adventure of no other kind.. and the sex was beyond my imagination! It was making love regardless of the physical reality that enveloped us. It is weird, because I feel like I’ve known this person forever and I only wanted to dig further. Every corner of this city, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, is painted with memories that I could never forget, even though they remind me of some pains I have yet truly come to face fully, not because I don’t want to, but because I believe that it isn’t the right time to let go. Throughout the entirety of his stay in New York, I did not know what was going to hit me, especially after he left to continue his studies in Bristol, UK. From then, I went through, and still going through, one of the most transformational times in my life so far. And I believe is for the better. He showed me something I never dared to explore before, and those are the depths of my inner self, some which I’ve decisively reduced to nothingness in hopes of covering some ancient hurts. But he helped me face those monsters, though indirectly, and he knows how grateful I am for him coming into my life, though we were only allotted a small fraction of time, which I think is irrelevant. I haven’t been in contact with him these past couple months and the very few times we do, they’ve always been heartfelt. I miss him very much even though I know I’m hanging on a thread for how I feel. And although circumstances always tell me to move on, I don’t think I’d truly be able to let go of him and I know it’s the same for him to me. Now he’s away but he’s never really left. And so I intend to see him again within the next couple months, or years, or even lifetimes, if this isn’t already our last. I feel like we were brought together to do something good for this world, together. But until then, we must roam free, and find our own happiness within ourselves, so that we may share it to each other again one day, and hopefully to others. I guess I’m as loyal of a Leo as you could get. Based on our parallel experiences, though differing locations and slightly differing times, I know that he’s growing a lot as a person; thus, I also know that he’s my twin flame. And despite having to meet several soul mates along the way, in the end, we’ll find a way to reunite. I know a connection when I feel it. We weren’t perfect shapes that fit with one another. We are so different, yet so alike. We broke into each other’s mold, and got into each others’ minds and souls like no other.

    To my beloved Scorpio,

    Little Beans

  87. Lol.over 3 hours of reading through all comments. Some hilarious, some t
    touchy, a few nonsense.

    Im 24 Scorpio male, and like Leo Female. It’s a long story and I’m not sure if i can tell anyone, i have told a few people indirectly that i like her, but i got the responses, like I’m unworthy of her. ?Anyways.

    I noticed here that most are Scorpio Women Yearning for Leo Men but Rarely Scorpio men for Leo Women thats Funny. Guess its only Scorpio Women for Leo Males. ?

    Keep up with the stories, more adults please. Rather than primary – high school stories. ?

    kind regards from London

    (ps people, do proofread your text, its annoying to come across half missing words)

  88. I’m a Scorpio woman (29) met my Leo man (33) in Dec of 2016, at a bar in my hometown of Miami – during Art basel. Funny enough, my ex bf (virgo) broke up with me while i was visiting him in California the week before – the amount of $$ i could have saved. Anyways, its art basel weekend and i was in a IDGAF about anyone but me mood. I end up totally partying and being the YES woman/wing woman and just party’d ALL WEEK and WEEKEND. I was supposed to go home, but took a phenomenal nap on the way to the next bar and was UP and ready to keep going. I’m enjoying myself, feel recharged and in come this man and he looked straight into my eyes and came to hang with the ppl i was hanging out with RANDOM AF. I did what i’m good at, dance, shake my ass and IGNORE him. FINALLY, i came back to hang out and was introduced.. the way we stared into each other eyes was out of hand and felt like an outer-body experience – we were one. Yes, we had the BEST SEX that night because.. well why not. i legit put my hand on his package, and said yup you’re coming home with me tonight. The LOOK in his eyes was classic and took his ego ass for a loop.
    The very next day we went on our first date and it was so romantic, exciting, loving, felt like I’ve met him in a previous life because our conversation was so EASY, chill, relaxed and above all genuine. He flew back to NY and i thought oh well, it was fun. But nope… we kept speaking, snapping, Ft’ing and then i let him fly me out to go see him during the holiday break. i wasn’t looking for anything, i truly wasn’t. As a Scorpio i know i can attach myself so quickly and i wasn’t going to let this happen again, but this motherfucker HAD ME!! ( i say MF because against my better judgment i seriously knew i felt what he felt.. this connection to him and just wanted to be around him ALL THE TIME)
    He made it official, and we were committed to not having sex with other ppl and for the next 6 months we were flying out once a month to go see each other. Then we made the decision and off i was to live in Brooklyn to be with my love.
    ITS BEEN ROUGH!!!!! New city and its a big one, no friends, no family, just him and I. We have been at each others wits.. HE NEEDS SO MUCH ATTENTION and damn that says a lot coming from a Scorpio. His ego is a whole other story. When we LOVE we LOVE and when we HATE we know how to do it well. He says many impulsive and rude things in the moment and even so i know he loves me, i’m just not sure why i accept this from HIM. I feel like i hear what hes saying and disregard the rest. Its almost been a year since I’ve been here and i still know nothing lol. We are at our best when he respects me and i give him attention and boost his MF ego. I can’t see myself without him.
    The boy who broke my heart was also a leo, but we were young and dumb. I was possessive and didn’t boost his ego. This word jealousy rings a bell and is apparent in this new relationship too because it NEVER FAILS, ppl see us together and do things like touch his face and are EXTRA flirty bs, but it always falls back on me to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. I can’t control what other ppl do, but i can control how i react and i’ve learned to say things in the moment, very sweetly (THIS IS SO HARD) because this things i want to say are bad… Anyways, point is, i never thought i’d find that love again and here it is.. a second shot. Just have to trust that he is doing the right thing and won’t really hurt me like cheating and need to get over his flirtatious side. i know what we are and can’t keep myself all wrapped up wondering WHAT IF THIS OR WHAT IF THAT.
    We are magnets of love, passion, hate, happiness, silliness. HE reinforces the idea of “look but don’t touch” and reminds me of the self confidence in myself that is present and to stop over thinking and over analyzing everything, which for a Scorpio is SO HARD especially when our intuition is so strong. In the end, whats meant to be will be and whatever it is will ALWAYS come to light.
    This may not be helpful, but felt great to just let this out.

  89. Scorpios have he highest sex drive and Leo is on second one. Leos and Scorpios are freaks which makes the relationship even better.

  90. I am a leo woman who has known a Scorpio man for almost 4 years and dated off and on during this time. I am a very independent woman who has everything on her own and does not need him to survive. I think this is what attracted him to me and I was attracted to him because he did listen to me and was always there. We love each other like no other, when things are great, they are great and when they are off, it is like a tornado and hurricane all at one time! When I met him I was just coming out of a relationship and really wasn’t ready to get back into one, but he was very pushy and wanted to get into a relationship. At the time part of me felt as if he was living some sort of fantasy that he wanted to come true…. When we met sparks flew and I never felt like the way I did with him with anyone else ever. We just felt so good together, we connected on all levels of emotions and spirit it was amazing. We couldn’t get enough of each other, then his mood started to change and he would neglect my emotions and break promises and become immature about the things he promised or said. I always left and returned back to him because I either wasn’t too sure of him or genuinely missed him and didn’t want to let him in. This past year we made it completely official and had a lot of break ups and fights. This past few months we had two big fights that is really strange because we were never enemies all love. He loves to cuddle, he loves to ensure I am ok, and take care of me physically, and financially even when I can take care of myself financially he just doesnt take care of the emotional side. Sometimes I feel like I am dealing with someone who is bipolar. although he is a scorpio i am 100% certain that his mom and his childhood contributes to this. We argue over communication and not listening to me when I am going through something he doesn’t respond just stares or if he does respond he is saying “Yeah ok, or “I hear you” and either walks away or gets into his phone. He lashes out a lot like temper tantrums when change occurs. We were living together for the past year off and on and his manipulation, mind controlling, stonewalling and mental abuse caused me to kick him out several times. It is hard to understand where this is all coming from because we never had this issue. One thing I have noticed that I didn’t notice before is every time we get into an argument he calls his mother. Now we are not young we are in our mid 30s and this causes issues for me, that he does not realize. Whatever she says he does. No matter if I tell her that I have no support from her or his family she lashes out at me and its upsetting and she blames me for kicking him out but never understands when he is mentally abusive and controlling it makes me angry at him. I am more so mad that one minute you say you love me, then the net you ignore me and stare me down or walk away when I am talking. He avoids all issues that he causes and takes no responsibility for them. This last argument was both our faults, but him and his entire family makes it seem like it is just me no one corrects him. I kicked him out again, this time I did not want him to leave, but something has to give. We do not argue every day, it is more his mood that changes and I will ignore him most of the time but when something goes wrong in his world, he takes it out on me emotionally. It is emotional abuse. As a Leo I get mad and want to end the entire relationship then apologize and say I am sorry. He said this time if he leaves he is not coming back. This is something he has not said before, however at the same time I was confused because the argument was because of his lack of communication and disrespect. No matter if he does 1000 things wrong, he is still right and only sees his side. We stopped talking for a week, I reached out to him and he responded and we saw each other. He tells me that he needs some time, he misses home, he loves me and he has set up counseling for himself, because he feels that he is being attacked and abused??????? I am livid he completely turned things around to make it seem like he has done nothing wrong. When I mention emotional and mental abuse and controlling he rolls his eyes. I said I will give you your time, but I am not waiting forever. The day we had an argument is the day we were supposed to go to counseling but didnt. I know I have some things to work on myself, but I never wanted to give up.
    Since then I havent spoken to him like we normally do he hasnt called or text, the last time we spoke he said he would call and hasn’t. My friends keep telling me to not blame myself because I tried to work it out, even apologized and asked him to come home. He said he will but he just needs his time…… At this point I have to take care of myself and do what is best for me. It just bothers me that his decision to take time is solely one sided. Should I move on or wait?

    1. Update: well i sent him a text letting him know that I feel that he has found someone else and he has been distant. we were find prior to a week ago i thought but i guess we werent, i called him he didnt answer and then i get an email from him of a video we took on valentines day this year which was an horrible day. i guess i did make the right choice to let it go after all. i hope you all find love and i will soon again one day.

  91. So new interesting stories, 1 sad and other interesting.

    Much better than primary school stories.

    ( Still waiting to meeting leo 😳)

    Much love from London 😗

    Ps im single 24, if anyone is between 20 and 30, hit me up 😁

  92. well, scorpio (+30) man currently chasing a lioness (or vice-versa? not really sure… 😉 – so far early in the process & inconclusive

    I believe that the draw to each other is very strong, though I’m mainly confused about the communication irregularities (I’m few weeks “in town”, few weeks “out”) – some days we are chatting “a lot” then few other days there is complete silence from her – I’m still sending my messages (trying to not sound needy etc.), but no answer… then she gets back to me at some point… :-/ (is it that famous “hard to get” approach? 😉

    interestingly – I had few other “femme fatales” in my live and they were uniquely all leos! though none of those “encounters” actually ended well (actually crashed & burned in most cases), so I’m just curious where this one will go… (kind of deja-vu feeling)

  93. Someone help me, i’m leo woman 27′ in love of a scorpio man. It was love to first sight, we meet in a party, he look at me with that gaze omfg those eyes!! we both felt that strong connection, he approach me, we dance, kiss and then we dated for a month, he was so mistery, sexy, intelligent, everything i ever wanted, the sex was incredible, and he always treat me like a queen. The thing is that he travel for a week for job, and when he came back, i got to travel for 2 months for job but now i came back 🙁 . The point is that He stop talking me and i don’t know what happen is he got mad with me for leaving him? It passed now 5 months that we don’t see each other, but he always watch my stories on instagram. I wanted to asking him why he don’t want to see me anymore? But my pride is too big, what should i do ? I can’t stop thinking about him, it’s driving me crazy.

  94. I am a Leo women and fell deeply for a gorgeous scorpio man! When we met it was an instant connection! We spoke daily throughout the day, hung out all the time. We have similar interests. All was great for about 6months. Then i started to notice a change in him, as a women of course i started to analyze and play close attention. Long behold he was sleeping with another girl. I tried to stay away, i fell so deeply i went back and hoping he would realize i was the one. Didn’t happen in 5 months…so i told him i was moving on, what did he do, went and found someone younger..his coworker. I have asked him millions of times if he truly loves me, why isn’t he with me. He says he cannot give me what i want! I don’t get it! He still texts me and calls me wanting to hangout because we have a great time together. We haven’t had sex in over 2 months, but still hangout. I know he loves me, why can’t he see that? Should i just let go and move on?

  95. Scorpio guy dealing with a Leo dude and it’s been off and on for 5/6 yrs and honestly I’m exhausted. Like I really have some strong feelings for dude I love how I feel around him but now it’s like wtf are we doing bruh ?? We initially started out as fwb yada yada and we’ve had our disagreements over the time we’ve known each other but used our single status as a excuse not to acknowledge our feelings hmmmm I can’t help but think that he doesn’t like me like how I like him sooo I jus do me even though he gets upset when he feels I’m not giving him enough attention or show signs tht he actually does like me I’m jus not tryna waste my time anymore wit this but emotionally dude really got me EVERYTHING stops for him recently we did start talking and our communication is different like more mature so I can respect it but idk he did say before that he and I will never be together so maybe I should jus hang it up idk

  96. A lot of these stories have the same pattern, which matches my own experiences as a Leo woman with Scorpio men. There is an intial strong attraction between the two of us, because we are so different. Leos love to hunt and Scorpios are liquid and difficult to pin down at times. That comes across as mysterious and a challenge for us, so we enjoy the chase while it lasts.

    However, once we are actually in a relationship and the hunt and mystery is over, things can get difficult due to those same differences that once attracted us. Leo and Scorpio have traits that don’t mesh well and take a lot of work to overcome (if we even get that far). Leos are almost hyperactively energetic, loud, gregarious, practical, want everything to be light and happy, can be brutally honest, are the biggest flirts, hate mind games, can be arrogant and immature at times and crave attention and praise. In comparison, Scorpios tend to be more reserved, quiet, emotional, secretive about how they feel, crave a much deeper connection with a partner, are easily hurt by a Leo’s careless words, get jealous easily, prefer subtlty over openness, aren’t always tolerant of immature or reckless behaviour (especially not when it involves money, kids or other serious things), don’t need constant praise themselves and therefore don’t easily give it. To make things worse, both signs share a stubborn streak and desire to be the dominant one, so the constant tug-of-war and refusal to admit defeat makes the situation even worse.

    Both can quickly feel exhausted trying to compromise their own needs and meet the expectations of their partner, and this soon spirals into arguments, depression, stress and other problems.

    I have dated several Scorpios in my (now long) lifetime, have two in my family and have been friends with several. Relationships between Leos and Scorpios all tend to end the same way. Some last a bit longer than others through sheer persistence and luck (I know of one 7 year marriage where the husband is away on military duty long enough to avoid fights), but most start and end quickly. They can be passionate while they are in the honeymoon phase, but inevitably end in tears and/or blazing rows when the differences become insurmountable.

    I wouldn’t suggest Leos and Scorpios avoid each other entirely. For a short term hook up or summer romance, it can be a lot of fun. But be realistic and protect your heart a bit, or you could end up disappointed and hurt in the long run.

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