Birth Charts

What’s In A Birth Chart?

A birth chart is a map of the sky at the time and place of your birth. You may know your Sun sign, but you also have various astrological placements for your Moon sign, Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc…

Calculating your birth chart will help you interpret what each of your unique set of astrological placements reveal about your personality and life paths.

About Scorpio (A Peek Into a Birth Chart Reading)

Ruling planets: Mars, the Planet of War, and Pluto, the Planet of Transformation. Being guided by these planets endows you with tremendous energy and an unstoppable drive in the pursuit of your goals. You are endowed with the ability to conquer anything you set your mind to.

Element: Water. You are a very receptive and highly emotional being. In order for you to feel the most comfortable, you must be in a positive, peaceful environment, for you are extremely sensitive to the emotional vibes around you.

Fixed sign: Scorpio is consistent, stable, determined, and unyielding. You have a long-term plan to reaching your goals, and no amount of obstacles will deter you from achieving them. You have a persevering and intense attitude towards life. Giving up is simply not an option.

Key traits: Loyalty, inflexibility, empathy, jealousy, intuition, manipulative behavior, stubbornness, self-destruction, determination, selfishness and egocentric attitudes, inner strength.

Challenges: You have many secrets of your own, which you always keep well hidden. You will never reveal yourself entirely to another person, no matter how much they think they may know you. This can make you appear cold and closed off, when in reality you are loving, but not very trusting.

Overview: As a Scorpio, your mission in life is to lead, to probe, and to heal yourself and those around you through compassion, strength and love. You are a natural leader due to your fierce determination and perseverance. You are highly protective of those you love. Your drive and courage gains you much respect from your peers. You are unafraid of human darkness, and as the sign of transformation and regeneration, your role is to transform darkness into light.

Now that you know more about your Sun in Scorpio, get info on your other twelve signs, your house placements, and your planetary aspects in order to have deeper insights on your personality.