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SMscope May 25, 2024

Scorpio, the Sag Moon is void of course as the day begins, which means it’s best to wait until noon, when the Moon enters Capricorn, to start something new. You may find yourself reflecting on your current relationship with abundance and money, and where you’d like to be six months from now. It’s okay to dream big and take baby steps towards your financial goals. Today, Jupiter enters Gemini for the first time in 12 years, and you’ll feel an awakening in your sector of exchange, joint ventures and shared resources. Your ability to create prosperity increases during this time, but it also increases your tendency to spend or invest more money than usual too. Reflect on what lessons you’re being asked to learn when it comes to financial freedom and security — they may surprise you!

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Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: May 6 – 12

Welcome to the Taurus New moon week, Scorpio! On Tuesday, May 7th at 11:22pm EST, the Taurus New Moon strikes in our sector of marriage and partnership. Before rolling your eyes and assuming that nothing good will come from this, take a deep breath, and practice gratitude. Scorpios sometimes are so focused on getting to the next best thing that they forget that they once wished for what they...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s February ’24 Forecast

Welcome to February — Scorpio! This is the month where many of our long-term dreams can come true, but it’s up to us to be courageous enough to walk through the doors that are opening up before us. The month of January catapulted us to new heights due to the entrance of our ruler Pluto into Aquarius, and due to the vibrant and potent Leo Full Moon that transformed our career paths and encouraged...

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