Scorpio, happy Pisces Full Moon! On Saturday, September 10 at 5:59am EST, the full moon strikes, activating Scorpio’s sector of creativity, true love, and affection. Mercury Retrograde also officially begins this weekend. Scorpios, it’s game time. This doesn’t mean it’s time to play mind games with people or situations, but more like it’s time to treat life more lightly — like a game that you’re sure to win. This Mercury Retrograde season wants you to take yourself and your journey *less seriously*. That doesn’t mean neglecting your responsibilities, but rather re-imagining them. What if, instead of reaching some immeasurable vision of “success”, you focused on letting yourself feel more pleasure, laughter, and joy, in the present moment? It can truly be that simple. Allow yourself to tap into immensely pleasurable vibes this weekend, Scorpio. Your soul will thank you!