How can you learn to healthily process unexpected change, Scorpio? Wednesday’s Scorpio Moon has you deeply in your feels, asking yourself that question. Then on Thursday, Venus shifts out of Virgo and enters Libra for the next three weeks. Scorpios will embrace this Venusian shift, because we may have been taking ourselves and our love lives waaaay too seriously during Venus in Virgo. While Libra energy does activate Scorpio’s sector of spirituality, healing, and closure, Venus’ presence in Libra will help us feel lighter emotionally, which means we’ll be able to see other people’s perspectives, while still respecting our own needs and lovingly asserting our boundaries. During this transit, you may fall more in love with love and with yourself, Scorpio. People may not be 100% sure what they want from you though, so proceed with caution when it comes to developing new connections or rekindling old ones. Take your time to see who you both are beyond the honeymoon period — there’s truly no rush.