This wknd, the Moon spends time in Gemini, encouraging us to think beyond ourselves and put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Instead of being immediately reactive to how people are acting or what they’re saying, adopt an emotionally-detached perspective. Mercury’s retrograde in Libra right now, and we’re encouraged to rewire our mindsets when it comes to relationships. Avoid making extreme judgments about who should be “in” or “out” of your life. Let people’s true intentions be revealed with time. On Sunday, the Moon enters Cancer, deepening your sensitivity and softening your approach to intimacy. Suddenly, you’ll feel more willing to penetrate the depths of your own psyche, as well as those of others. Perhaps watching a great movie while snuggling with a loved one (or pet) may be exactly what you need to tap into the nurturing frequencies you crave. Have a dreamy wknd, Scorpios!