We’ve made it to a major portal that we’ve been anticipating — the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio strikes Tuesday the 25th at 6:49am EST, transforming our lives for the next year. This isn’t the time to set specific intentions — instead, focus on living your life as an intention, Scorpio. Be the intention, don’t just dream about being it. Now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Scorpio for several weeks, we’re feeling much more intense, magnetic, selective, and self-protective. This eclipse will lead to us firmly knowing which energies we want to keep around us, and which ones we must release in order to ascend to the next level. Unhealthy connections, dynamics, and mindsets we used to cling to will suddenly disintegrate during this eclipse passage, because the Universe wants to make something very clear to you, Scorpio: you deserve better. So allow yourself to receive better.