Scorpio, now that the Aries Full Moon just occurred, and Pluto, our planetary ruler, has ended its five month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, you may feel like you’re in the process of rising from your ashes. This lunation highlighted insecurities that have been lingering in your subconscious mind, and instead of running away from them, you got curious about them, and even thanked them for their ability to help you transcend your own limitations. If there were ever a week to radically commit to a passion project, or to openly express your needs in a relationship you view as worth it, this would be the week. In two weeks, on Oct 25, we’ll experience a Solar Eclipse New Moon in our sign, and it’ll feel like the Universe is giving our lives a complete reboot. So anything that’s left unsaid or undone should ideally be prioritized now, in the pre-eclipse period. You got this, Scorpio!