The Moon’s currently in Virgo and the Sun’s in Scorpio, making these next two days ideal for organizing your lifestyle now that the eclipses are behind us. Think about what you’ve been procrastinating on lately, and why. Chances are, a part of you may be delaying your own success simply because of the work that’s necessary to get there. But here’s the thing, Scorpio: working on your passions and committing to your evolutionary journey doesn’t have to feel draining or intimidating. It can feel fun, it can be like play. Passion Play. Stream my “Passion Play” mantra on all streaming platforms / view it on YouTube to better understand what I mean by this. The Universe wants you to fully invest yourself in your level up journey, and when it sees that you’re putting in the work with courage, it will open up doors for you beyond your current imaginings. And your life will be filled with great ease, blessings, and abundance. Try it and see.