The Sun remains in Scorpio until 9:02am EST on Wednesday, and then it enters Sagittarius for the next four weeks. What a Scorpio Season it’s been, Scorpio. With our planetary ruler Mars remaining in our sign for two more days, we’ll still be in celebration mode, but we’ll also have the impression that one chapter of our lives is ending and another is about to begin. The energy of Sag Season stimulates our money sector and also boosts our self-esteem. You’ll feel ready to take a leap of faith and go after what you want, without overthinking it. If there’s anything you’ve learned from Scorpio Season it’s that you’re not afraid to be yourself, to boldly speak your truth (even if it makes others uncomfortable) and you’re willing to take risks. Now is a great time to pitch a new project, join the global revolution, ask for a raise, or simply let your crush know that you’re into them.