We are now on the other side of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio — congratulations! We’ll continue to feel the effects of eclipse season throughout the year, especially during Scorpio Season when a Solar Eclipse in our sign will occur on October 25. But Monday and Tuesday’s energy is about being present with your manifestations. Be present with where you are in your life right now, even if it’s different than where you anticipated you’d be. The Universe knows exactly what it’s doing, and this eclipse shook up foundations in yourself to help align you with your destiny, which is beyond what you may currently be envisioning it as. In the coming weeks and months, you’re about to see some of the biggest dreams you’ve had come true, either in micro or macro ways. And this is all happening because this eclipse has allowed you to face your shadows and fears head-on and still choose to rise and be reborn. Because you’ve chosen yourself, you are invincible.