Scorpio, as the week begins, Mars is spending its first full week in the sign of Cancer. Your emotional awareness is deeply heightened, as is your need for rest. Keep in mind that rest isn’t something you should feel the need to “earn”. It’s something you should integrate in your life as a norm, not as a reward. Now that Mars, our ruling planet, is in Cancer for the next six weeks, you’re being called to reflect on your relationship with rest. Even if working is necessary for your livelihood, chances are you’re working way too much, because you’re a sign of extremes. And even if you’re unemployed or taking a break from your job, your mind is most likely still racing with thoughts of work because Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is currently in Aries, activating our sector of service and routine. The best remedy for all of this overthinking and overdoing is to pause and do nothing. Medidate. Breathe. Be still.