Scorpio, what happens when you live life according to your deepest values? You care less about what people think, or expect of you, and focus more on the impact you want to leave on the world. On Wednesday, the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Venus and Mars in Aquarius, and you’ll be reflecting on what your current mission or purpose is. This is a significant time to be having such thoughts, because the energy of the equinox is coursing through us, encouraging us to step into our rebirth. Thursday’s alignments are harsher, with the Sag Moon squaring off with Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury, in Pisces. You may sense that there are emotional blockages preventing you from fully believing in the power of your transformation. The key is to fully feel the resistance, rather than running from it. Fully own up to your fears, so that you can smash through them and astound yourself as you keep ascending.