Scorpios, we’re about to experience one of the most epic astrological transits of our lifetime — in fact, the last time this transit occurred was 1778 – 1798. Pluto, our planetary ruler, is entering the Air sign of Aquarius after a 14-year stay in Capricorn. As Scorpios, Aquarius energy tends to throw us out of our comfort zones, and that’s exactly what Pluto’s transit is here to do. We are being asked to release our attachments to familiarity and get curious about adopting new lifestyles, environments, relationships, and perspectives. This will initially be easier said than done, because both Scorpio and Aquarius are stubborn and fixed signs who tend to be resistant to change. But if you dare to trust the unknown, the unknown will befriend you and pleasantly surprise you beyond belief. “Leap and the net will appear.”