Now that the Moon’s entered Virgo, in preparation for the Virgo Full Moon occurring on Friday, you may feel much more grounded and focused mid-week, compared to how you felt at the start of the week. This allows you to focus on practical and necessary tasks that will help you finish this astrological year strong. The start of the new astro year is this Sunday, so spend time clearing out old contacts, photos, texts, and apps from your phone. Donate or repurpose clothes you no longer wear. Lighten up your physical, mental, and psychological load as much as possible. And spend time playing outdoors, soaking up these final days of Pisces Season. Your sector of play and pleasure is strongly activated, as is your sector of social networks and friendships. This reminds you that you are loved, and you don’t have to go through your rebirth alone. Find the people you feel at peace with, and invite them into your orbit.