Scorpio, yesterday a powerful Capricorn full moon occurred, activating our sector of communication and creativity. We’ll be feeling the effects of this awakening lunation all week long. It’s time to integrate new habits into your life — the type of habits that will help you create more structure, sustainability, and freedom. You must release certain patterns of behavior in order to be reborn. You’re often the person everyone goes to for support. You’re here for your friends, current or potential lovers, your family, and your coworkers. But who consistently shows up for you? And not only because you’re paying them to or they benefit from their proximity to you? Who can you be vulnerable with, and lean into during your moments of softness? This full moon is opening up a portal for you. If you choose to release the role of always being the caretaker of others, the Universe will reward you by allowing you to be taken care of the way you’ve been ready for. It’s what you deserve!