Scorpio, we’re two days away from the Capricorn Full Moon (which takes place on July 13th). As much as you may want to start off the week being ultra productive, it’s actually best to do the complete opposite, and focus on resting. Full moons can be emotionally and physically draining, especially in the days before they occur, and this one is likely to have you thinking of all the things you think you “should” have accomplished by this time this year. But what if instead of adding even more pressure on yourself to succeed, you chose to redefine success? Every time you put your phone down and are fully present with a loved one, or a stranger, you are succeeding at life. Every time you are conscious of your breath, and you take time to notice the wonders of the Universe through mindfulness and meditation, you are succeeding at life. Every time you express gratitude for being alive, you are succeeding at life. You’re already a success, Scorpio. So stop stressing, and keep being.