Scorpio, Venus, the Planet of Love, has entered the sign of Pisces for the next few weeks. This is an auspicious transit for us when it comes to love, creativity, and tapping into the energy of our inner child. Life may feel extra trippy for you these days, with the Sun in airy Aquarius and Venus in watery Pisces. You may find yourself lost in daydreams or visions of the future — it’s a very creative time for you, so do your best to write down your dreams or spend time these next few days brainstorming for the future. So many of the ideas you come up with this Wednesday and Thursday can be game-changers for you and your journey this year. Venus in Pisces will also help you open your heart to love and intimacy in more expansive ways than you previously were used to. Let the love in, Scorpio — especially if it comes from unexpected places.