Welcome to Aquarius Season, Scorpio! For the next four weeks, the Sun is activating your sector of roots, home, and the past, and the Aquarius New Moon taking place on the 21st is doing the same. Not only that, but Uranus, one of Aquarius’ planetary rulers, completes its five-month retrograde in the sign of Taurus this Sunday the 22nd, making for an even more Uranian weekend! You may feel like you’re reborn this weekend, and it’ll feel like your relationships are too. You may be able to forgive yourself and others for past hurts, and Aquarius Season will have you focused on the legacy you’re building for yourself and your family. This means you don’t have time to be sidetracked by drama or distractions. So many of your goals will align for you this season, Scorpio, as long as you dare to step outside of your comfort zone and take more leaps of faith. Set intentions this wknd — imagine yourself vividly living your dream life six months from now. Then take decisive steps toward manifesting that reality. Stream my “New Moon Mantra” (available on YouTube and all streaming platforms) for cosmic inspo as you set your intentions.