The Moon starts off in Taurus on Monday, and then shifts into Gemini Monday night, which means we’ll start off the week feeling grounded and adventurous. Even though we’re still in the midst of Mercury and Mars Retrograde, the energy from last month’s New Moon in Capricorn is still being felt, and we’re also approaching the mystical Cancer Full Moon. This means that we’ll still feel inspired to manifest a long-term goal, perhaps tied to a mission we’ve been wanting to complete in the final months of 2022. Scorpio, the current energy is more easy-flowing than we’ve experienced in a while, and your mission is to trust it, rather than be suspicious that it’s all going to come crashing down. 2023 is a calmer and more smooth-sailing year for Scorpios, especially starting in about two months once Saturn leaves Aquarius — where it’s been since March 2020 — and enters Pisces, our fellow Water sign. Spend these next two months getting clear on what your values are, especially since Venus enters Aquarius today for the next three weeks. Approach life with the spirit of healthy emotional detachment, and you’ll feel pleasantly surprised by the blessings that keep pouring in.