Juno, the asteroid that represents our desires in marriage, spends its final few days in Pisces, and Mars ends its retrograde in Gemini on Thursday. We’ll continue to feel the post-shadow effects of Mars Retrograde all month long, however this shift can also lead to us feeling more energized and aligned with our purpose. Think back to where you were in your life in October 2022, before Mars Retrograde began. Chances are, you’re currently focused on wrapping up a key project from that period of time, or finding a resolution to a relationship matter that had popped up in your life back then. You now have greater clarity and wisdom regarding what your needs and desires are, as well as what boundaries must be set up or maintained in order for you to feel emotionally and spiritually safe. Celebrate yourself, Scorpio — this was an intense retrograde, and now more lightness and adventure awaits!