Scorpio, the Moon’s entered Virgo for the next two days, and it’s activating your sector of friendship and social network. You’re reflecting on the type of friend you are, and the type of friends you attract. With the Sun in Sag, the Moon in Virgo, and Mercury and Venus in Capricorn, you’ll also be in a fiery, yet grounded mood. You can tell that these next two weeks of the year are filled with possibility, but Mars Retrograde in Gemini also wants you to pace yourself, and all the Earth energy in the cosmos also encourages you to take a more measured, step-by-step approach to tackling your end-of-year-goals. Most importantly, if rest isn’t currently one of your priorities for this week, and this second half of the month, this is your sign to make it your priority. That way, once Mars ends its retrograde in the beginning of January 2023, you’ll hit the ground running, feeling refreshed and aligned with your new year intentions. Use Wednesday and Thursday to integrate consistent rest into your life.