Welcome to the portal that brings you into 2023, Scorpio. There’s nothing extraordinarily special about this portal, because time doesn’t really exist the way society tries to condition us to think it does. However as I’ve said before, time doesn’t exist, but cycles and patterns do. Mercury is currently retrograde in Capricorn for three weeks, and Mercury Retrograde is a pattern that we’re here to learn from. We’re here to learn from the Planet of Communication, and the energy of Capricorn. As “2022” ends, and “2023” begins, the Universe is asking you: in which areas of your life are you taking yourself too seriously, and why do you feel the need to do so? There are no right or wrong answers here. Let this portal help you become more curious about your ingrained behavioral patterns, while also remembering that at any moment, you can rewire your thought processes to better serve you and your evolution. It may be challenging some days, and super easeful the next. But the more you practice, the better at it you become. Scorpio, rise beyond your perceived limitations, and astound yourself every step of the way.