The Moon’s in Leo for most of the weekend, Scorpio, activating your sector of career and reputation. This helps you kick off the month on an ambitious, empowered, and determined note, especially since the Sag Sun is stimulating your sector of money and self-esteem. While you’ll notice your abilities to manifest what you want increasing as the month begins, you could also easily burn yourself out with all the Fire energy in the cosmos right now (particularly your planetary ruler Mars’ presence in Sagittarius). It’s essential that you find a way to balance your zest for life with an ability to be present, still, and grounded in the now moment. Whenever you find yourself feeling the need to be overly productive, ask yourself what exactly are you chasing, and why? Wouldn’t it feel more peaceful to allow what you want to come to you naturally, without such a strong sense of urgency? Breathe, Scorpio, and become a magnet for your desires.