Scorpio, we’ve made it to 8/8/2022, a powerful date that increases our personal and collective ascension powers. And by ascension, I mean that it’s time to step out of mindsets that keep you stuck in a loop of trauma, pain, or neglect, and enter a new consciousness where you are the creator of the frequency you’d most like to experience. Sometimes, instead of being overly focused on where you want to go next, you’re invited to tap into how you want to feel now. And with the Moon in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, the best way to start the week is to ground yourself in the moment. Check in to see which repressed feelings are longing to be released, or expressed. Pour your heart out in your journal, or to a trusted friend. Perhaps letting yourself cry, dance, scream, make love, or exercise may be your desired form of release. Whatever comes up for you during this ascension portal, let it come, and let it be.