The Moon’s in Scorpio as the weekend begins, and with the Sun currently in Leo, we’ll be emanating major powerhouse energy. Scorpio, as we approach what’s seen as one of the most powerful dates of the year (8/8/2022), our manifestation powers are rapidly increasing. You could be thinking of the type of lover(s) or creative partner(s) you want to connect with one minute, and then they appear in your life just a few minutes later. That’s how auspicious this weekend is. It’s not too good to be true. You deserve all this goodness. If you haven’t yet taken time to set your Leo New Moon intentions, one of the best things you can do is make time this weekend to visualize yourself living your most easeful, lush, abundant, prosperous, and loving life. Tap into who you want by your side, and how you’ll make each other feel. Say goodbye to days of struggle or uncertainty. You’re a Phoenix, rising, and there’s no stopping the momentum coursing through you.