This weekend, Scorpio, the Virgo New Moon strikes at 4:15am EST, and it breathes new life into our consciousness. Your mission during this six-month new moon portal is to treat yourself with greater kindness and compassion. Hardly any one knows how much you tend to be your toughest critic, but you do know, Scorpio. And if you want to feel at peace in a sustainable, healthy way, you’ll need to forgive yourself for past mistakes and disappointments, and focus on your strengths and talents. Spend this weekend journaling all the traits you love about yourself and reflecting on your favorite memories from your life experiences. It’s important to recondition your mind in a way that helps you see the best in yourself, and eventually also see the best in others. It won’t happen overnight, but the longer you put it off, the more challenging it’ll be to break free from self-limiting patterns. You’re incredible, Scorpio. Act accordingly.