Juno, the asteroid that represents marriage and commitment, shifts into Pisces today, Scorpio. When combined with the fact that Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are all currently in Pisces, it’s quite clear that your life’s going to be more focused on infusing sentimentality and romance in your partnerships, or welcoming that energy into your life. You may initially roll your eyes or scoff at the thought, but deep down, you know you deserve infinite bliss and healing connections. That’s truly what the Universe wants to gift you, but if your subconscious mind keeps resisting these blessings, or keeps being cynical, skeptical, or sarcastic about it, then there won’t be any room for the love you deserve to enter, and remain, in your life. Use these next two days to reflect on what your blockages are regarding letting love in. This Pisces energy is ideal for letting go of the self-protective barriers that end up doing you more harm than good. You may have been hurt in the past, but this is no longer the past. This is now. Fully embrace what the present moment is ready to present you with!