Happy Solar Eclipse in Aries, Scorpio! On Thursday the 20th at 12:12am EST, the Solar Eclipse New Moon takes place at 29 degrees Aries. Then the Sun enters Taurus four hours later at 4:13am EST, and remains there for the next four weeks. This Aries-Taurus energy activates Scorpio’s sector of wellness and relationships, and these are two themes that we’ll give more attention to these next six months (solar eclipses open up a six-month chapter of complete renewal in our lives). You want to feel better in your body, and in your mind, and this means making some changes to your health routine and overall lifestyle, such as getting more sleep, hydrating more frequently, and being more discerning of what you consume (as well as the vibes you emit). As you prioritize your well-being, the quality of your relationships improve too. Affirm with me: by Libra Season 2023, we’ll be in the best physical, mental, and spiritual shape we’ve been in so far this decade, and our relationships will feel healthy, expansive, and abundant. And so it is!