Finally, Scorpio, you’ll start to feel like things are picking up for you again, particularly in matters that have to do with getting your point across and making sure you create and present your best work. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance and Prosperity, ends its four-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn September 12th at 8:41pm EST! Congratulations, you’ve made it through one of the most spiritually and psychologically testing retrogrades of the year. Since Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion, Adventure, Luck and Possibility, it’s likely that you may have had to deal with halted plans these past few months, and you didn’t necessarily make as much progress as you would’ve liked. Jupiter going direct will show you that not all progress is measured in a linear way. You may now have a better capacity to deal with life’s plot twists. You may find that you don’t react as impulsively to everything. Your relationship with patience and trusting divine timing is increasing. These are all forms of progress that must be celebrated this weekend. Make note of all that you are and all that you are evolving into. The next phase of your ascension has arrived.