Today is 8.8.2020, a powerful day in numerology which symbolizes abundance, alignment, and infinite prosperity. It’s also the final day of the Lion’s Gate portal of ascension, which means your life is being upgraded as you read this. But keep in mind that ascension and destruction go hand in hand, so it’s normal to be vacillating between high highs and low lows. The weekend begins with the Aries Moon and Chiron in Aries connecting in Scorpio’s sector of healing and wellness. Emotions that had previously been blocked within you may now be ready to be released, suddenly and all at once. It’ll feel cathartic to let it all out, and since the Sun’s in Leo, there may be a dramatic flair to the way you express yourself this weekend. Release the urge to be perfect. Cry ugly tears if you need to. You’re going through one of the most formidable metamorphoses of your life, and it’s normal to feel like everything’s shifting at once. Breathe, and stream Dream with Dossé-Via this wknd for an energy boost 🙂