The Moon’s shifted into Aquarius this weekend, Scorpio, and this activates your sector of roots and domesticity. You may be in the mood to redecorate, renovate, and find ways to make your current or future home your haven. It’s a great time to go plant shopping, thrifting, or create a vision board of the ideal place you want to live. If things have felt chaotic or all over the place in your domestic life, take time this weekend to figure out one step you can take to shift your perspective and change the frequency at which you’re living. It might mean setting boundaries with a partner or roomie, or physically decluttering your space so that you can breathe easy. On Sunday, we’ll start feeling the effects of the upcoming Pisces Full Moon, so don’t be surprised if you feel quite sensitive and even more intuitive than usual. Journal and reflect on the lessons the month of August has taught you.