Welcome to August, Scorpio. This is one of the most exciting months for us, because we feel our powers strengthening as Scorpio Season approaches. We’re also officially in the Lion’s Gate portal of ascension, which means many of our intentions are already manifesting. This weekend, the Capricorn Moon is encouraging you to start the month off on a structured note. With the Full Moon in Aquarius taking place on Monday, you’ll find yourself eliminating nonessentials from your home, workspace, and consciousness. Just be careful because you may be on such a roll that your more savage Scorpio side emerges, and if you act too rashly you may cut someone or something out of your life that is profoundly valuable. When deciding who must go and who gets to remain, make sure you’re trusting your gut and not letting your self-protective side lead the way. Move with discernment and be honest with yourself about what you really want and why.