The highlight of this weekend is our ruler Mars’ shift out of watery Pisces and into fiery Aries, for an extended stay until January 2021. Our sector of health and wellness is activated, meaning that if you’ve been in a slump or haven’t been able to feel as consistently productive or impassioned as you’d like, you’re going to notice a major shift this weekend once Mars enters Aries. All of a sudden you’ll realize that no one except yourself is stopping you from getting what you want. You’ll be feeling bolder, more courageous, direct and invigorated. Just make sure to pace yourself as you build your dream empire, Scorpio, or else you’ll quickly burn out. These next six months will likely be a professional, romantic and creative game-changer for you, Scorpio, as you release previous limitations and prove to yourself that your dreams are within your reach. And beyond that, there are even more opportunities out there for you to conquer.