This weekend is quite astrologically charged, with our ruler Mars, currently in Gemini, making harmonious connections with the Moon and Mercury. Our actions and our thoughts may be in alignment with each other, allowing us to make significant progress on passion projects and dream endeavors. Once the Moon shifts into Cancer Saturday afternoon, you may decide to do most of your dreaming in a place that feels safe and secure. If that place doesn’t yet exist, you’ll take time to create a game plan for manifesting a haven and lifestyle where you feel nourished and empowered. On Sunday, the Moon’s makes healing connections with both Venus and Uranus in Taurus, and this could lead to you feeling an outpouring of love and passion being infused into your life. Whether that energy’s coming from someone else or coming from yourself, you’re bound to end this week feeling more joyful and open to the cosmic blessings flowing your way.