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SM’s Wknd Scopes 3/21 – 3/22/20

Saturn shifts into Aquarius today, for the first time in decades, and this three month transit through Aquarius will help Scorpios redefine what home and their roots mean to them. Saturn in Capricorn taught us how to ground ourselves and not fear self-discipline. Saturn in Aquarius now asks us to do what we’ve secretly wanted to do all along, but that we may have subconsciously limited ourselves from doing. This will take practice, endurance, and faith in a better world. Your skeptical and self-protective side may still emerge this weekend as you get used to Saturn being in an Air sign. But ultimately you’ll feel ready for this chapter in your life. You’ve known it was time to begin again, and next week’s Aries New Moon will give you the official green light to do so. Spend this weekend in preparation.

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