Scorpio, now that Mercury has entered Capricorn and Venus, the Planet of Love, is getting ready to begin its retrograde in Capricorn this weekend, you’ll find yourself taking love, life, and your financial journey more seriously than you have all year. Your standards are high because your evolutionary journey is unfolding quite powerfully and rapidly, especially since eclipse season started last month. Simply put: you don’t have time for people who waste your time. And you don’t want to waste anyone’s time either. A major glow-up is happening in your connections — not only the romantic ones, but also creative, familial, and platonic ones too. This wknd, use the energy of the Gemini Full Moon and Venus Retrograde to lovingly release or shift the ties that make you feel drained, overly insecure, or that have you constantly questioning yourself. Let go of what you’ve outgrown so you can receive what’s meant for you. Live in alignment with the energy and relationships you deserve.