Scorpio, it’s time to anchor yourself in your feelings and let them awaken you to what you really want. During the first half of the weekend, the Pisces Moon harmonizes with both Venus and Neptune, and this energy helps you be kinder and softer to yourself, and to others. People will be drawn to you like bees to honey. Indulge in the love and attention the Universe is bestowing upon you. Then Saturday – Sunday, the Aries Moon activates Scorpio’s sector of wellness and psychological well-being. This would be a great weekend to start a new fitness or food regimen, or to integrate healthier habits into your life, such as drinking pure water, stretching your body daily, getting more sunlight, and listening to positive musical affirmations (imma go ahead and suggest you listen to my EP of mantras, “Dream With Dossé-Via”, which is available on all streaming platforms). Have a magical and restorative weekend, Scorpios!