We’re ten days away from the start of the astrological new year (which begins at the start of Aries Season), which means this weekend’s vibes are all about stepping into that energy. You can use the Moon’s presence in Cancer to visualize yourself in your best physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. What does that specifically feel and look like for you, Scorpio? Deep down, you know that there are some unhealthy habits holding you back from reaching your highest potential. There’s no need to try to give them all up at once, but since the energy of the Pisces New Moon is still being felt this weekend, you may want to take some time to set specific intentions, followed by immediate action, so that you can show the Universe that you’re serious about this new life you’re activating. Visit my website (scorpiomystique.com) for a Moon Manifestation Guide if you need help setting intentions.