Scorpios, this weekend we’re experiencing a major conjunction between Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus. Since this transit is occurring just a few days after the Leo New Moon, we may feel a push and pull between our desires to make big strides in our creative ambitions, and our inherent need to invest greater time and presence in our personal relationships. Check in with yourself as the weekend begins and make sure that you haven’t overcommitted to people or expectations. Jupiter’s retrograde in Aries is activating your sector of health and wellness, so it’s essential that you don’t spread yourself too thin trying to be everything to everyone. The Moon’s shift into Virgo on Saturday helps you tune into your body’s needs, but knowing what you need to do is one thing, actually doing it is another. It’s up to you to say no to what you don’t have energy for. Your future self will thank you.