Scorpio, we’re a week away from Pluto, one of our ruling planets, beginning its 4.5 month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Since Pluto is the planet furthest from the Sun, we’re likely to feel the influence of this retrograde in a more subconscious, behind-the-scenes way. Your ideals and values are gradually shifting, and since we’re at the height of the pre-shadow period of the retrograde, you may want to spend this weekend clearing out the cobwebs in your mind, and in your closets. Some spring cleaning (or autumn depending on where you are in the world) may benefit you at this time, as the physical objects you discard or donate can serve as a reflection of spiritual or emotional burdens that you’re also ready to leave behind. The Moon’s in Capricorn on Friday, then shifts into Aquarius on Saturday and Sunday. This is a very Saturnian weekend, one where you are honest with yourself about the work you’ve been avoiding or the feelings you’ve been denying. Pluto wants you to face yourself fully so you can rise even higher. But to do so, you must not fear your own shadows.