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Scorpio’s Summer ’20 Love Forecast


Cancer, Leo and Virgo season are known as the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere (and the astrological interpretations in this forecast also applies to those experiencing winter in the Southern Hemisphere). July – September ’20 are some of the best periods of time to attract, heal and/or deepen relationships. Curious what this means for Scorpio’s love life? With eclipse and retrograde season activating our sectors of expansion and communication, Scorpios are learning how to release repetitive patterns of behavior that kept them stuck in the same cycles romantically and socially. These next three months can liberate you from a mindset that was keeping you locked within self-created walls. Ready for your entire consciousness about love and relationships to shift for the better?

Scorpio’s Summer ’20 Love Forecast breaks down what Scorpios can expect romantically and socially from Cancer Season throughout Virgo Season. We also look back at what Gemini Season and eclipse season taught us as we learned to open up to love. Whether you’re single and ready to meet someone you deeply connect with, currently in a relationship but hoping to spice things up, or dating but seeking either more freedom or more commitment, Scorpio’s Summer ’20 Love Forecast will help you make the most of key astrological dates, so you’ll know when to make your move and when to lay low.

This is a highly packed summer of eclipses and retrogrades — the first summer of the decade. There will be moments of profound introspection, and moments of tremendous activation. You decide how your love life goes, Scorpio. You hold the key to what you desire, and as you understand different astrological transits, you can better flow with the Universe’s twists and turns. Love can be fun, adventurous and soul-opening this summer if you dive into your own infinite capacity to love.

This 25-page love guide can help you understand how transformative letting yourself love and be loved can be for you as a Scorpio. With Jupiter in our communication sector most of the year, and Uranus, the Planet of Change, in our relationship sector, this is the time to recondition your beliefs surrounding how you express your needs, how you go after who/what you want, and what you’re worthy of attracting romantically. You are a magnet for whatever you most desire. This summer’s energy will help you understand that, and have fun in the process. There are ways to use the cosmic cycles of the Universe as a heart-opener, and once you open yourself up to the astrological energy, you can transform your love life. It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is right now — love is love, and this forecast is about recognizing that and finding ways to overcome barriers that may keep you from fully giving and receiving love. It’s getting real. Awaken to what’s possible when you let go of control and trust the flow… 

All orders of this 25-page forecast also includes a Bonus Love Guide within the report that gives you insight on how to deepen your connection with each sign of the zodiac this summer. You’ll get insights on what each sign’s most focused on right now, allowing you to meet them where they are, with compassion and respect of their boundaries. Whew chile, the evolution!!

Available for download digitally immediately after purchase. Enjoy!

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