Part 2: Scorpio’s Summer Love Forecast!

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Part 2 of Scorpio’s Summer ’17 Love Forecast breaks down what Scorpios can expect romantically and socially during the second half of this summer, particularly during Leo and Virgo Season 2017.

This love guide can help you understand how transformative letting yourself love and be loved can be for you as a Scorpio. There are ways to use the cycles of the Universe as a heart-opener, and once you open yourself up to the astrological energy, you can transform your love life, especially during eclipse season!

ScorpioMystique’s newest astrological forecast breaks down which dates to make the most of whether you’re single, coupled, or in-between this Summer ’17.

All orders placed today include a Bonus Love Guide that gives you insight on how to deepen your connection with all 12 signs of the zodiac in August and September.

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There are two months left of summer in the Western Hemisphere, meaning that it’s not too late to find or deepen Summer Love! August 2017 is eclipse season, and Mercury goes retrograde. Then in September 2017, we’re experiencing Virgo Season, which will help us get our acts right in our relationships. 

Part 2 of Scorpio’s Summer ’17 Love Forecast: breaks down what Scorpios can expect romantically and socially in August and September 2017, during Leo, Virgo and some of Libra Season.

Whether you’re single and ready to meet someone you deeply connect with, currently in a relationship but hoping to spice things up, or dating but seeking more commitment, Part 2 of Scorpio’s Summer ’17 Love Forecast will help you make the most of key astrological dates, so you’ll know when to make your move and when to lay low.

All orders also include a Bonus Love Guide that gives you insight on how to deepen your connection with all 12 signs of the zodiac in August & September. This is the sequel forecast to Part I, so if you enjoyed the first half, you’ll definitely want to read this one!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    Having been a follower of Scorpio Mystique for a few years now, it is amazing how accurate her daily forecasts are. When I saw that the Summer Love Forecast Part II came out there was this sudden urge to buy it (which, I admit, I do not get that feeling often). I tried shaking it off for a few days, but I succumbed to it and purchased it this morning. I have only read the intro of the forecast and again she is soooooo spot on (AND THAT IS JUST THE INTRO!) I am letting her words marinate in my head and soaking it in my heart right now. I know I should have read the whole thing before I wrote a review, but having been a follower of her daily forecasts for years, and just reading the intro of Part II, I know her words were written based on truth and pure love. As a Scorpio, as much as we love being mysterious and love the mysteries of the future, we also fear the unknown of what the future has in store for us. This forecast (though I have only read the intro) was like reading what I have been going through lately and I cannot wait to light up some candles in the serenity of my own room to read the rest. Celebrate yourself, Scorpio! This is your time!

    Thank you, Scorpio Mystique!!

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