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Chiron shows us our deepest wounds on this journey of life. When we learn where this asteroid sits in our birth charts, by house and sign – we gain an understanding of ourselves, and our purpose in being here.

A window of insight into the cosmic signature of your wounding, Chiron illuminates the ‘why’ of your uniquely painful patterns and experiences. Have you ever felt like there’s a perpetual wound in your life? That’s Chiron energy. You can calculate your Chiron placement here.

By understanding Chiron in our charts… we bring ourselves the self-acceptance required to transmute our pain. From here, it becomes wisdom and service: helping others, while at the same time fulfilling ourselves. Learning about your Chiron placement can enable you to break unhealthy patterns, and better navigate the challenges of your life.

Written by KTZ astrologer Nisha, each report includes 15+ pages of insights, journal prompts, tips and Chiron remedies.

This report is an investment in self-love, and your healing journey. It’s one that you’ll be able to refer back to across the course of your life!

If you’re unsure of your unique Chiron placement, you can calculate it here.

Note: There are two parts of equal importance in your Chiron placement; your house and sign. For this reason, we recommend that you eventually purchase two reports.

Note: Houses are not the same as the zodiac cycle (which is based on the sun’s yearly rotation, while houses reflect the earth’s 24-hour rotation), but they do use the same zodiac archetypes. For this reason, you’ll notice reports are created in conjunction for example Aries/First House, Taurus/Second House and so on. If you have a Chiron in Aries in the First House, you will only need to purchase one report to gain all the information. It will be doubly potent! 

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If you’re unsure of your unique Chiron placement, you can calculate it here.

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KTZ Chiron Guide

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


10th House – Capricorn, 11th House – Aquarius, 12th House – Pisces, 1st House – Aries, 2nd House – Taurus, 3rd House – Gemini, 4th House – Cancer, 5th House – Leo, 6th House – Virgo, 7th House – Libra, 8th House – Scorpio, 9th House – Sagittarius


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